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The Priceless Moment of Attunement

◄ by Joseph Antell – Loveland, CO ► For anyone who has an awareness of Attunement, even if the experience of unconditional love is shared using a different understanding of the meaning, there is a richness known like no other. At a young age I decided to live my life in this place of happiness. I was around 13 years old when my father and I went to an Attunement practitioner for the first time. As I rested in the energy field of the wonderful person who shared his life force with me, I knew that this was a very

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Attunement Perception and the Vibrational World

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► Did you sense it? How did it feel? What was the nature of the changes you perceived? On September 11th a large explosion occurred on Jupiter. Someone was actually watching this take place through a telescope and recorded a video of it. Did the vibration of this event impact people on Earth? Was this vibration a contributing factor in the unrest in the Middle East? You can visit and set the archives to September 11, 2012 to see the video clip. A follow-up of interesting pictures can be found by going

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Thoughts Following the Sep 9 Teleconference

◄ by Vicki Barbour – Erie, CO ► Thank you both [Chris and Donna] for the call today and our work together!! It would be great to continue to do that collective work on future calls. Or maybe start with feedback/work done on a previous topic, such as the gun thing. I’ve been thinking about the gun issue as there has been a rise in permits in Colorado to carry concealed weapons since the Aurora shooting. Here at CU, students are allowed weapons on campus, if they have a concealed permit;  although the weapons aren’t allowed in the dorms. The

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Attunement For The Lungs

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► The central Midwest area of the United States, including Kansas and Missouri, has been experiencing a major (the weather channel says extreme) drought with accompanying heat this summer. The Kansas City area is now 90 plus days without any significant rain and twenty plus days of 100 degree or more temperatures. The grass is no longer green, the trees have been dropping their dried-up leaves and many bushes of various kinds have died. One upside to this weather pattern is that I have only mowed the lawn twice since the middle of

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Collective Attunement

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO  ► One creative form of Attunement that I love is collective Attunement — that is, Attunement involving a group of 3 or more people. While collective Attunement is based in the same principles as both Self-Attunement and traditional 2-person Attunement, collective Attunement requires additional factors. Specifically, there must be someone (one pole) coordinating the collective creative field (so that what is undertaken is in harmony with the vibrations unfolding in the One Body) and a group of individuals (second pole) who are not only centered in their own true identity, but also passionately

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All Prayers are Answered

◄ From The Unified Field,  2007, by Joseph Antell – Loveland, CO ► Each day we live on Earth we engage in creating and creations.  Some creations originate from us personally; others are more complex and are generated from the collective.  These are all influenced by larger patterns of creation that have universal significance.  It is more and more apparent that what have become the realities of this world are consequent upon individual manifestations every moment of every hour of every day. We all long for something in life. It is different for each one of us depending on what age we

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