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The Oakwood Retreat 2019

by Erin Rivers – Mission, KS
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There are many things that those who attended the Oakwood Retreat will bring back with them. For me, one of the amazing things was the palpable way in which I could feel the Current of Love. I have attended many retreats and conferences in my life. Some have been spiritual retreats; some have been professional. In each case there is a connection of similarity that is automatic. Even when the Attunement Community gathers in Kansas City, the connection of similarity is warm and comforting. However, at Oakwood I met several old friends I had never met before. There was an immediacy of “knowing,” a deep and abiding connection where I at once felt as though I was a good friend and our conversations reflected that.

The intensity of that weekend opened hearts; it seemed to move us all to a broader plane. The container we recognize as Attunement no longer fit into the boxes of our definitions. The expansion I felt was reflected with each speaker, each presentation, each shared Attunement. As we honored our ancestors, we honored ourselves. As we looked to the past, I felt firmly grounded in the expansion into the future. As we said our good-byes, I knew that the connections we had shared were still a strong golden thread of Love that would continue creating and holding space for whatever is in the process of developing.

There does not seem to be any adequate word or language to fully encompass my experience of Oakwood and our time together. I know I have been moved. I know my world, my perception, my acceptance of the importance of Attunement and the connection of the pineal to the heart are now part of my central Being.

I am deeply grateful for the gift of Attunement and for the awakening of the great I Am within. I am Being having a human experience and I am Being having a planetary experience. And, I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many amazing, wonderful, loving people who are with me on this grand adventure.

Photo by Jim Barbour

Click the picture above to look at some of the moments caught through our cameras. Thank you to Paul Price and Jim Barbour who added some of their favorite photos to the mix.

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11 thoughts on “The Oakwood Retreat 2019

  1. You’ve captured the essence of the retreat in your phrase ‘a strong golden thread of love’, Erin. That was reflected in the fire in Friday night. What a fine treat to be able to relive the experience through the photos. So appreciated!

  2. You are right, Erin – words often don’t feel adequate to clothe the immensity and beauty of Spirit. But you have done a magnificent job capturing the essence of our time, both with words and and pictures, and I resonate deeply. It was a joy to be with old and new friends in the eternal golden thread of love.

  3. A deep abiding sense of thankfulness remains with me for our attunement retreat and is part of the foundation from which all creativity emerges. May this current of life move strongly in 2020 amongst us and others.
    Thanks and love,

  4. Having just shared in the teleconference I am filled with awe at the continuing power of spirit. My gratitude to all of us who hold this earth and its people in that golden thread of love.

  5. Erin, you captured the event so well. There is such a sense of a larger community of awareness. The pictures also captured this in another way. There is a knowing that each of us there are connected to so many others in our worlds who will also benefit from this gathering in a vibrational way. Thank you.

  6. The power and magic of the IAAP weekend at Oakwood – which the teleconference last Sunday so beautifully re-visited – continues to reverberate in my heart, in my soul and into my world. We are indeed all connected in wondrous ways, and it was so special to have those connections rekindled, magnified and expanded during our time together, with many precious old friends and new ones – good friends we hadn’t met yet, as Erin put it! We are here to live in Attunement, share Attunement and let the vibration of Attunement wrap its loving arms around this wounded world. I feel so blessed and honored to be doing this in unison with all of you and so many others!

  7. Thank you for your radiant report, Erin, and the wonderful pictures of the gathering at Oakwood. I felt drawn into the pneumaplasmic substance generated and will dwell here for some time feeling so very much one with the gathering of so many friend that I’ve known and loved over the years. Although we could not be there in person, Bonnie and I were very conscious of the gathering and present in spirit of in thankfulness. The impact of your powerful release of blessing is surely felt, gladly welcomed and deeply appreciated – as well as shared and extended to those in our world. Blessings of my love to you and to all who were part of this momentous event.

  8. I too, although not able to attend, felt the magnitude of what was generated at Oakwood. I can feel the importance of what has been brought to focus by Chris, Joseph, and Andrew over the years as Donna mentioned in the call and feel how vital times like these are to the Attunement community and to the world. I also can feel the importance of my part to play as one who did not attend, but was aware and actively working within the field as new substance was being generated. As Vicki said on Sunday…”I will meet you in the field.” Thank you to all who participated.

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