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Uncharted Waters

by Melissa Holmes, Portland, ME
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Attending the five-month Attunement course with Nancy Frederick deeply transformed my connection to myself, other people and the world around me. I took this course with the intention to help other people heal, but throughout the process I ended up deeply healing myself on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I left this course with a new sense of gratitude for the subtle energies that are within and around me. Before meeting Nancy Frederick, I had no clue what Attunement was, or how much I needed it in my life. I had experienced some physical and emotional trauma, and was hoping for some homeopathic relief. As soon as I walked into Nancy’s office for the homeopathic treatment, she asked if she could give me an Attunement, to which I quickly agreed. In that first Attunement session I felt a sense of ease, I felt heard and understood, I felt present and grounded and for the first time in days, I felt like things were going to be okay.

I knew, walking out of that office, that I wanted to be able to provide this service for other people, so I jumped on the first Attunement offering I could. As Nancy gracefully instructed the Attunement, moving through the endocrine glands, she repeated “the pineal gland, the spirit of love; the pituitary gland, the spirit of the womb; the thyroid gland, the spirit of life…” and for each gland, I felt a deep, penetrating, profound connection between my body and soul in a way I had never felt before. As a practicing meditator and reiki practitioner, I thought I had experienced this connection, but this was entirely different.

Self-Attunement was by far the most difficult and rewarding encounter I experienced. During Self-Attunement I was simply being there with it, allowing myself to be, aware of the imbalances and radiating love toward each part of myself. This was so markedly important, I didn’t need to judge or change my pain, I just needed to acknowledge it and be there with myself. I thought, how is it that it is so difficult to love myself when it’s so easy for me to share love with other people? This gave me the realization that in my efforts of healing other people, I was neglecting the most important thing, which is being still, being there, being present for myself and my own energetic needs.

The more I practiced Attunement, the stronger my connection became with everything within the field including the connective consciousness, other people, my own intuition, plants, food, animals, and nature. I started to feel like I unlocked a secret of the universe. We had the pleasure of Andrew Shier coming to visit as a guest speaker. He began to talk about the endocrine system technique, one which we had practiced the month prior. He spoke of the journey of Attunement and how emotionally it can open us up to experiences we didn’t know we needed. He then began to talk about this journey as a metaphor, that it sometimes feels as if you’re immersed in this giant ocean, alone in this big sea, it can become dark and scary, but once we remember to trust the process and dive into the unknown, we are guided into shore, safe and stronger for having been through the experience and connected to the sea that brought us to safety. The words that came out of Andrews mouth were the EXACT WORDS I had used in a song I had written named “Uncharted Waters” in the month since we had learned the Endocrine System Attunement from which he was referring.

I was able to connect deeply with the people in my class, offer in person and distance Attunement to friends and family in need and, most importantly, I was able to start loving myself in a way that I never knew I could. I look forward to my future with Attunement with an open heart and feel ever so grateful for the experience to be a part of this loving community.

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2 thoughts on “Uncharted Waters

  1. What a beautiful testament both to your ability to heal and self love – but the greater energy of Attunement and the amazing teachers we have right here in New England .

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