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by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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In teaching Attunement over the years I have always encouraged Practitioners to find a word and/or thought of “thanksgiving” at the close of the Attunement experience – thanksgiving, appreciation and respect for the sacred creative field of Attunement just shared with another Being in human form. The same can be realized and known in a group Attunement. The value of thanksgiving is that it releases upwards the vibrational work done in the attunement process. It actively assists, as my mentor Roger deWinton said to me, the updraft of the golden (refined) pneumaplasmic substance generated through the Attunement experience.

Psalm 100:4 is a verse of praise: “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.”

In the Attunement Practitioner’s Code there is a reminder that respect and thanksgiving are essential to the attunement process. “Even as I was made in the image and likeness of the Great One, so also was every person whose life I may touch. I respect the divinity inherent in all living forms.

Today, I find myself at the conclusion of a specific creative cycle and Attunement that included South Korea. I am deeply thankful for the specific expression of several individuals who played a significant part in translating the book, “a beginner’s guide to Attunement: The Energy Of Being” into Korean, having the book published, and using the book in classes, seminars, and lectures in April and May. Jae Hyoung and Dukhee (pictured below) did the heavy lifting in the translation of the book. I want to also mention Luanne Somers who took pictures of the Endocrine Gland Attunement hand positions, which were included in the Korean book. Louise Broomberg and Marsha Bogolin (pictured below) worked together in setting up and teaching Attunement. Also below is a picture of the seminar group held in Seoul, Korea at the Won Buddhist facility.  Thank you to each one mentioned and to many others who provided a loving surround for the book project over the last several months. And finally, a picture of me with the Korean book.





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5 thoughts on “Thansgiving!

  1. This is so very touching Chris. The expansiveness of thanksgiving within the Attunement process knows no bounds. Thank you for sharing the Korean connection.

  2. Such a beautiful reminder of our thanksgiving at the end of an Attunement share. And, I have such a smile on my face thinking of your Attunement book translated into Korean. Additional large smile for those who have shared and will continue to share Attunement both in person and at a distance in Korea. Thank you Chris for this beautiful gift of Attunement.

  3. Chris,
    Thank you so much for sharing your insights of thanksgiving. I have learned to never underestimate the power of gratitude.

  4. Having been to Korea a number of times, knowing and loving Jae Hyoung and Duk Hee, and the blessing of Louise, and many of the others there, and knowing the responsive and passionate and musical Korean heart, I and most thankful for your words here Chris, for your work making this new translation available, and for the wonder of the rhythm of the Spirit which is in an expansive and opening phase under the His sure hand, through Yujin and Marsha and all who receive their touch of loving magic. db

  5. Chris, it has been such a blessing to have you so radiantly present in Korea through your beautiful book. Cause for great praise and thanksgiving indeed! I was asked to write a recommendation for the book, also translated into Korean, and would like to share what i said:

    “It is my honour to recommend Chris Jorgensen’s book, Attunement: The Energy of Being. Chris has been a teacher, mentor and friend to me since the first Attunement class I took with him in 1983. I can testify to the fact that he walks his talk, and this book is written with the authority of one who truly lives each moment in attunement with Life.

    It is called “a beginner’s guide to Attunement”, and it is indeed a valuable guide for anyone starting out on the journey of discovery that we call Attunement. Questions that most of us have, like “What is attunement? Where does Attunement come from? How does Attunement work?” are answered with great clarity, insight and wisdom.

    But it is a book not only for beginners. I have been practicing Attunement for nearly 40 years, and every time I reread it (which I do often) I am reminded of the profound and timeless spiritual principles behind Attunement. As we embark on this wondrous journey we discover the reality of our true identity as Divine Beings. For me this is the most profound and exciting aspect of Attunement. And the journey never ends – as we continue in the current of Attunement in our day-to-day living, increasingly more of the Creator’s magic is revealed to us, and life becomes a thrilling adventure.

    In later chapters Chris provides clear and practical instructions on Attunement techniques that one can share with oneself and others. The purpose of these is to balance the physiologic and energetic functions of the body, thereby opening the gateways for Divine Being to be known more fully in the manifest form on earth.

    Here, in his own words, is a compelling invitation from Chris:

    You and I are living in an exciting time of fulfillment. It is a transforming time of change and renewal as the state of humanity’s consciousness is returning to a divine state of oneness, peace, healing, balance and love – our true qualities of character. What will we express in our living – light and love or darkness and hate? The choice is blatantly simple: how we live creates the world in which we dwell. Each day Life invites you and me to reveal our true nature and character. Share Attunement and bless the world.”

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