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Long-Bone Attunement in Chairs

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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Twenty-two Attunement Practitioners participated in a dynamic and meaningful Attunement Day in Kansas City at the end of April. These times of communion in the Attunement current together, which we do a few times a year, is generative of the finer levels of pneumaplasm. The conversations around various themes open up new vistas of thinking and understanding of what Attunement is. The theme in the recent gathering was “the ordinances of heaven”.

In one of the hands-on Attunement sessions I guided the group through the Long-Bone Attunement using chairs instead of tables. Working in this synchronized fashion allowed  everyone to know and feel the Attunement as one whole body. The unison of group amplified and charged the Attunement current in a unique and powerful way.

Attunement Practitioners have discovered the Long-Bone technique to be extremely useful when working with low back pain, sciatica difficulties, hip and knee joint challenges, along with being wonderfully comforting for seniors and infants. The Long-Bone also assists in helping a person to be more grounded, opening up their perception and connection with their body form, and for stabilizing the mind in someone who is working with mental disturbances.

Here are the steps for sharing the Long-Bone with an individual in a chair:

  • Balance the cervical life pattern.
  • Balance the top four endocrine glands (pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus) until there is a solid Attunement current.
  • Moving to the individual’s side or back, work through the shoulders, radiating into each shoulder joint until there is a balance in the current.
  • Keep the receiving hand (RH) at one of the shoulder joints, move the giving hand (GH) to the opposite hip joint to form a diagonal across the trunk of the body. You can do this from the side or the back of the person. Balance the current through both diagonals. When you are working across the trunk of the body, it usually takes longer to bring a balance because of the many organs and glands located between the bone joints. Once the current balances, move your giving hand (GH) up the diagonal to the receiving hand (RH) and then back to the hip making sure everything is vibrationally smooth.
  • Move your hands to both hip joints; remain here until there is a balance in the current. You can kneel beside the individual or use a stool or chair and sit beside the person to work in the hips.
  • Place the RH 12-18 inches above the hips (so both hips are held in the hand) and put the GH over the knees (similar height & over both knees). Balance the current.
  • Move down and put your RH over the knees and the GH over the ankles of the person and balance the current.
  • Place a hand over each ankle and balance.
  • Re-balance the cervical life pattern and to finish, sweep the head (upwards) and the body (downwards) as you give thanks for this sacred time of Attunement.




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One thought on “Long-Bone Attunement in Chairs

  1. The “Long-Bone” Attunement, to which you referred in your recent article, had a secondary point which piqued my interest: You said that it assists in helping a person to 1) “be more grounded”, 2) “open up their perception and connection with their body form”, and 3) “stabilize the mind”.

    In my opera singing days, those 3 points — groundedness, perception and connection with one’s body, and stabilizing one’s mind — were taught as being centrally germane to a singer’s survival on stage, while non-stop vocalizing a full-throated aria. What a blessing it would have been (for singers and listeners alike) if “Long-Bone” were offered backstage at Intermission! (Just saying…)

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