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Attunement, Pneumaplasm and Spiritual Psychiatry

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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We do not learn by experience, but by our capacity for experience.”  The Buddha

From “Attunement: The Creator’s Magic”: Each level of human expression has an ability to influence the energetic substance at the vibration of its own level, as well as to interpenetrate, stimulate, and govern the energetic substance at the lower vibrational states. Thus, it is wise for an Attunement Practitioner to have some understanding as to the working of the human instrument and the cycles of human development. Uranda spoke of this understanding as “spiritual psychiatry”.

My Attunement mentor, Roger deWinton, in a discussion once said, “What is at a higher vibrational level cannot be comprehended as such until the lower vibrations reveal it.” Through experience I have found this to be very true. So, until the body, mind, spiritual expression, and feeling realm express the higher vibrations of Being they are not experienced or in many cases even known to exist. How may the consciousness of Being penetrate into what Uranda in his writings referred to as the “lower vibrational field” – the outer triune planes or dimensions? Attunement is the perfect answer to let this occur.

In science the substance that will accommodate the presence of Being is called the “subtle body energy field”. In Attunement it is described as the pneumaplasmic field. The required pneumaplasmic substance must be generated before the next level of function and form can appear to the end that the fullness of Being may be present at all the levels or states. This is a very important principle to be aware of in Attunement. What are the different levels of pneumaplasmic substance which will permit the experience and knowing of the higher vibrations?

Child: 0 – 12 years:  From birth until the beginning of the adolescent period (puberty), around 12 (give or take a little) the primary work being done is the development – the fleshing out – of the physical organism. Movement is the primary activity in this phase as movement helps (think of a young child and all of their activity) to generate and refine the physically generated pneumaplasm. This range of pneumaplasm, generated out of right-use-ness of the physical, will accommodate the next level of consciousness or awareness – the function (thinking) and form (brain and nervous system) to accommodate the mental level of expression. In this first stage there is a great need for discipline – learning to obey the guidance of loving parents. There are many seeds planted in this initial pneumaplasmic phase – language and speech, thought attitudes, basic rules for human function and memory to mention a few. If this level of experience and required pneumaplasm are factually generated, self-discipline will emerge that will serve the person through their entire life.

Student Level: A similar willingness is required for a person who is eager to learn. In essence, follow the guidance of your wise teacher. “Here are the first steps to sharing Attunement. Learn the spiritual principles, learn the techniques, etc.” In the Air Force pilot training program I spent hours in a simulator, on the ground, learning emergency procedures before I ever flew in an actual jet. Learning Attunement with a heart-felt interest, attending classes or taking advantage of being with a teacher/mentor, will develop an understanding of the language and world of Attunement and it will greatly help with the identity and paradigm shifts taking place in consciousness.

Young Person: 12 – 21 years:  Puberty brings about big changes in the growth and development of a person. When the gonads (spirit of the new earth) mature, a new identity emerges and a more complete range of pneumaplasm can then be generated – a fuller range that will more adequately accommodate the presence of the Being who initiated the creation of the human form. “Who am I?” The experience of “Self” begins to appear; individuality and self-image emerge and the human form with its developing mind wants to think and experience the world for him- or herself. The right-use-ness of the mind – honesty, acceptance, speaking one’s truth, non-judgment – helps to open and expand the intellect allowing personality and self-esteem to develop. “Agreement” is a word that sums up this phase. The basics of how society works are agreed (or not) to and revealed in daily living and this opens up a new connection to the larger world. People beyond the parents play an increasingly important role in the individual’s life. And a new, finer range of pneumaplasm, based on life moving through the mind, is generated and the seed of spiritual expression is planted in the fertile ground of the newly emerging Self.

It is interesting to observe that it is this phase in which the world of humanity is largely stuck, never having matured beyond this level. If you watch television, read the newspapers or scan the internet for the latest, what is apparent in almost all that is offered carries the mentality of a 14-15-16-year-old young person.

Disciple level: With an increasing participation in Attunement, the student starts to see and experience Attunement beyond the classroom. The student becomes a “disciple” – one who agrees with and acknowledges in their living the divine principles behind Attunement. This change in consciousness and identity plants the current of Attunement more deeply internally and at the same time brings a more noticeable change in the person’s demeanor in the larger world. It also starts a radical cleansing process, a clearing of the subconsciousness patterns in the individual’s hereditary makeup.

Young Adult: 21 – 30 years:  Another shift of awareness occurs in this age/phase with a new emphasis on spiritual identity based in spiritual expression, one’s quality of character, integrity and morals in living. A young adult is learning to test the spirits/energies and to find a way of living that honors his or her own character of Being (not the parents, not society’s, etc., but rather something unique to the individual). The finer levels of pneumaplasm generated through the expression of thankfulness, blessing, and worshipful praise (of the Being who built the human form) brings a beginning understanding of one’s purpose in both the divine and earthly sense. The word here is “friendship” based in spiritual expression. A young person may be inspired to help others in their world, especially younger children or peers, through projects that bring a specific blessing. These experiences open the young person to world service.  The seed for the pure, unadulterated feeling realm is planted and this awakens a new and deeper sense of internal feeling energy within the person. A spiritual mentor is so important in this phase to help the young person to rightly translate the increasingly potent feeling energy – a heart designed for loving one-Self. Without that mentor an individual can get side-tracked in this final phase of awakening as the temptation is to translate the newly emerging feeling energy as “falling in love” with someone external to themselves. The right-use-ness of this new range of pneumaplasm plays a vital role in completing the maturing process so the individual can more fully know who they are in the divine sense, and how to play their part in the sacred creative field within the larger body of humanity.

When all three phases of pneumaplasm are generated and refined, then the divine energies can be rightly translated at the physical, mental, and spiritual expression levels. This process opens the heart-feeling energy to be solely available to the Creator-Being. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” The individual moves out of the spiritual expression identity into Creator-Being identity. Finally adulthood is known, the sacred temple human form is ready to serve.

Friendship level: A new level of discernment opens in the next stage of the Attunement experience. The emergence of this awareness is based in sensing and working with the energies of blessing, thankfulness, being in the flow, oneness and sacredness. Finding others who are likewise living, sharing and teaching Attunement is a way of fulfilling this level of relationship. The finer pneumaplasm generated at this level initiates the possibility of co-creative function. The door of consciousness opens wide and the entire experience of Attunement is completely owned. The mature Attunement Practitioner comes face to face with their own Radiance.

Creator Consciousness sleeps in the stone, dreams in the plant, awakes in the animal and becomes aware of Self in man. (Pythagoras)

Adult: 30 ++ years: Co-Creator level. Reaching adulthood, another subtle change in identity takes place. The greater experience of I Am emerges into consciousness. Divinely inspired co-creative function is possible with other human beings – a spiritual community – capable of bringing forth the new divine patterns on earth. Out of Creator Being-centered living there is a continuation of the generation of finer and finer levels of pneumaplasm where one experiences and knows Assurance in Being and Ascension in living. The consciousness of the divine collective emerges again into experience and knowing – I Am the Creator-Being of Light and Love having a planetary experience.

Regardless of how old we are today, sharing Attunement in all aspects of our living will help to fill in and refine the pneumaplasm at each level described above, bringing understanding and wisdom so that who we truly are may be present on Earth in stewardship once again.

Share Attunement and reveal your true Self!



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2 thoughts on “Attunement, Pneumaplasm and Spiritual Psychiatry

  1. Thank you Chris, for sharing the vital characteristics of the life span of Spiritual/Pneumaplasmic development. Always an upward spiral.

  2. This is such a great way to view the process. I know when I first began in Attunement, I was really eager to be able to see beyond the sphere I had normally seen the world. This is such a beautiful way of reassuring those beginning on the Attunement journey that it will come. Thank you again for your wisdom and your love of sharing that wisdom.

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