The following Attunement Practitioners have provided their information to assist those seeking to receive Attunements. The inclusion of any Practitioner in this list does not represent or constitute an endorsement or recommendation by IAAP.  All listing information is provided by the individual practitioner.

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Photo of Joseph Antell
Address Loveland COLORADO Website: Joseph Antell
Photo of Tom Hansen
Address Lenexa KANSAS 66215 United States Phone: 913-735-7226 Website: Living Arts Wellness Center
Photo of Monica Hansen
Address Lenexa KANSAS 66215 United States Phone: 913-735-3150 Website: Sacred Space for Women's Wellness
Photo of Holly Best
Address 8 Depot St Suite 3 Bridgton MAINE 04022 United States Phone: 207 452 8034 Website: Clearstream Center for Wellness
Photo of Nancy Frederick
Address 222 St John St Suite 237 Portland MAINE 04102 United States Phone: 207 774-4244 Website: Baylight Homeopathy Website: View Class Schedule
Photo of Christine Holland-Gerson
Address 7235 Central Kansas City MISSOURI 66114 United States
Photo of Chris Jorgensen
Address 1600 Gennessee St. Suite 502 Kansas City MISSOURI 64102 United States Phone: 816-221-7123 Website: Heartland Attunement
Photo of Barbara A Hall
Address 347 2nd Ave. W Kalispell MONTANA 59901 United States Cell Phone: 406-270-7368 Website: Peaceful Health Website: View Class Schedule
Photo of MaryAnne O’Mara
Address Conway NEW HAMPSHIRE 03818 United States Phone: 603-662-7799
Photo of Andrew Shier
Address Hancock NEW HAMPSHIRE United States Website: Woodlands Attunement Website: View Class Schedule
Photo of Gary Stiles
Address 96 Tasker Hill Rd. Strafford NEW HAMPSHIRE 03884 United States Website:
Photo of Janan Stiles
Address 96 Tasker Hill Rd. Strafford NEW HAMPSHIRE 03884 United States Website: Inner Peace Attunement

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These are the requirements to be listed as an Attunement Practitioner on our website.  If your listing does not comply with the requirements we will be unable to approve it for publication.  IAAP reserves the right to remove any listing which no longer complies with the requirements.

  1. You must be an Attunement Practitioner who has a public practice - that is, you must be offering Attunement services either in person or long-distance to those who inquire.  If you have Attunement training but are not offering public sessions it is not appropriate to list here. 
  2. You must clearly state your Attunement Training and your Teachers in the "notes" section of the listing.  This section will not be shown in the display on the website, however it will be used as a basis for approval for your listing to be placed. If you do want your training to be included in your listing, also enter it in the biographical section.
  3. You do not have to include a picture of yourself in your listing, however we encourage you to do so as it creates a point of connection for those interested in your services.
  4. You must include either a phone number or an email address where you can be contacted.
  5. You do not have to include a street address, but you do have to include City, State and Country in your listing.
  6. If you list your website it must include mention of Attunement as a treatment modality that you offer. A link back to the IAAP website would be very much appreciated!
  7. A donation to the IAAP Scholarship Fund would also be very much appreciated.
If you wish to proceed and submit your listing, click here.  If you wish to return to the directory listing, press ESC or the close button.

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