Photo of Elizabeth F. Turner

Elizabeth F. Turner

LDAN Coordinator
Address Portsmouth NEW HAMPSHIRE Phone: 603-433-3359

The Long Distance Attunement Network – LDAN – was established under the guidance of Liz Turner, former IAAP Director, as a way for interested individuals to share Attunement with a partner on a regular basis.  Partners can be pre-arranged when you sign up for LDAN or a partner can be assigned if you don’t have someone specific in mind.  Attunements can be shared in person or long-distance. The arrangements for times and frequency are made by agreement between the partners and are not established by LDAN.  We have found, however, that daily Attunements generate quite a bit of substance between the partners, or around whatever they agree to work with, and provide a wonderful way to sharpen perception and release a radiant current of blessing into the world.

Anyone who has had some training in Attunement is welcome to join LDAN. In addition to signing up, please also click the button top right and subscribe to IAAP updates by email.  This is the way you will receive notification of LDAN teleconferences and other events.

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