Daily Shared Attunement Time

May 1, 2017 – May 31, 2017 all-day
IAAP Daily Attunement

Although these events are only placed on the calendar on the first day of each month, these times of shared Attunement radiation take place each day at the specified times.

IAAP Radiation Time: 8am CST

Join other Attunement practitioners around the world EACH MORNING from 8am to 8:30am CST as we share Attunement with whatever is calling to each of us. The shared Attunement radiation provides a wonderful context and a substantial surround as we collectively release a radiant current of blessing into the world.

LDAN Radiation Times: 9am EST and 9pm EST

The LDAN Radiation Team works with individual and world patterns at 9am and/or 9pm EST EACH DAY.

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