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The purpose of Attunement is this: to establish alignment of the body and mind and heart with the natural forces of being, alignment in the body with the forces of Life from Source…
   – Attunement Meditation, Lloyd Arthur Meeker, 1951

Attunement, then, is designed to provide what is needful to initiate the process by which a consciousness of the oneness of Heaven and Earth may be known once more.”
   – Attunement, Martin Cecil, 1974

Attunement: a pro-active process of reawakening the body, mind, and feelings and aligning them with Source.   – Attunement: Love Made Visible, Chris Jorgensen, 1996

Attunement is a non-invasive therapy incorporating non-touch and occasional light touch that balances the physiologic and energetic functions of the body. Attunement opens the sacred space for health, healing and well-being.
   – International Association of Attunement Practitioners, 2000

Attunement was brought into its present form in 1929 through the vision and understanding of Lloyd Arthur Meeker who spoke and wrote under the name Uranda. This high spiritual technology, which includes non-touch and occasional light touch to balance energy health and healing, involves the sharing of radiant life energy to assist an individual in finding alignment and balance in body, mind, and feelings with the natural Life force of the Creator.

This primary Attunement connection with the Creator is through the endocrine system of seven ductless glands that serve as specific vibrational portals for the radiant release of one’s spirit into the physical body. Balancing the energy flow through these gateways, as well as organs, chakras, various nerve plexus, energy meridians, and bones, greatly enhances the state of health and well-being. Attunement is an opportunity to enter into the sacred inner consciousness of union where conflict, tension, and dis-ease simply do not exist, a place characterized by stillness, peace and harmony.

Attunement Cosmology – by Chris Jorgensen

I love teaching Attunement. It is the most powerful, effective, “energy” therapy of which I am aware. Attunement is a divine gift to humanity. It provides an individual and/or group of individuals with a specific tool for the discovery of Self and at the same time it is a wonderful means for blessing and enfolding the world around us.

The purpose of attunement is Love. It is twofold in nature. On a personal level attunement restores, renews, and enlivens the body’s health and healing energies. And viewed from a larger perspective, attunement enhances a person’s participation in the world, a world of divine beauty and order. Every man, woman, and child can share in this dynamic process of Love manifested through the process of attunement.
   – from Attunement: Love Made Visible

In the Attunement Initiation workshops where people are first introduced to attunement and the attunement process, there are often many questions. One frequently asked is, “Where does Attunement come from?” So, it seems more than fitting that a few comments be made concerning attunement cosmology.

Out of the Creator (Spirit, invisible) emerges the radiation of Being. (I am a human being.) Everything of which I am aware radiates from the Creator. The radiation of the Creator is translated through a medium, what we today call an “energy” field, and eventually is reflected in the manifest world of Creation (matter, form). This triune view of the Cosmos is quite ancient and is behind nearly all of the world’s religious and spiritual philosophies. Let me diagram what I have said – a picture is worth a thousand words!

Attunement Cosmology

The evidence of the Creator radiates through the Endocrine System, like breathing out a breath, differentiating into seven ranges of vibration. As some Quantum Physicists may acknowledge, it is this radiation through the glands of the endocrine system that molds and shapes the unformed energy into what we think of as a solid world, Creation! Here is the radiant “energy” of Attunement. It is the power of the Creator to create. It is the power to not only create but as well re-create life patterns, to change the DNA, to lift the frequency of one’s energy field, allowing ascension to be a personal experience. The right side of the diagram portrays the complementing mechanism, that which handles the returning energy coming back to us from Creation. The Chakra and Nervous Systems are the perfect receptive capacities to welcome and appropriately guide the movement of the spiritualized energy from the visible (form) back to the invisible (Spirit). Like breathing in a breath, all returns to the Creator. Attunement facilitates the alignment of body, mind, and heart with the Creator. It opens a direct connection between the invisible and the visible realms. Spirit and Matter are revealed as one! The Creator lives and breathes on earth.

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