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Five Attunement Master-Teachers, who together have over 125 years of experience, provided the inspiration for IAAP and one currently serves as President. After many years of working together these five Master-Teachers acknowledged the need for a professional independent not-for-profit organization whose focused purpose is to provide Attunement resources for training and education, support and assistance, and a means of connection in the Attunement current.

IAAP provides a full range of Attunement resources.  All who are interested may join us for:

  • Daily morning shared Attunement radiation time from 8:30-9:00am CST.
  • A bi-monthly teleconference call focused on an emerging Attunement theme.
  • A Long-Distance Attunement Network (LDAN) for partners to share Attunement with each other and world patterns.

IAAP also provides this website and subscription list for publication of Attunement articles and transcripts, and connections with Attunement teachers and events.  And we provide scholarship assistance and guidance on Attunement training, as well as a thoughtful stewardship of Attunement in the world.

All these things provide a substantial surround for those wishing to participate and stay focused in the Attunement current.

Contributions to IAAP are encouraged. A contribution is a specific means of supporting the direction and purpose of the Association! A 501C(3) tax exemption was granted by the IRS on March 21, 2001. See the “donate” box to the right to make a contribution with your credit card using Google Secure Checkout. Alternatively you may mail a check to:

International Association of Attunement Practitioners
c/o Chris Jorgensen
1600 Genessee St. #502
Kansas City, MO 64102

You may contact any of the IAAP Directors by clicking their email address:

Photo of Chris Jorgensen

Chris Jorgensen

IAAP President
Address 1600 Gennessee St. Suite 502 Kansas City MISSOURI 64102 United States Phone: 816-221-7123 Website: Heartland Attunement
Photo of Tom Hansen

Tom Hansen

IAAP Treasurer
Address Lenexa KANSAS 66215 United States Phone: 913-735-7226 Website: Living Arts Wellness Center
Photo of Erin Rivers

Erin Rivers

IAAP Secretary
Address Mission KANSAS

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