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Excerpts from Chapter Three of “Attunement: A Way of Life”

by Andrew Shier, Hancock, NH
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We are designed to make the invisible visible. The awareness that layers of energetic fields or auras surround the physical body is certainly not new. All mystical traditions have understood this as well as many of the more ancient healing traditions. Attunement, therefore, is not alone in acknowledging that these fields exist, and in knowing that the overall physical health of the body is directly determined by the health and quality of the surrounding energetic fields. Phrases such as “in heaven as it is on earth” and “as above so below” are specific references to this interplay between that which is intangible and atmospheric and that which is tangible and concrete. This same dynamic is clearly true for  the quality of life on planet earth. According to the very specific quality and nature of the atmosphere surrounding our planet so also are the living systems that inhabit this earth maintained and sustained. This is as true for our physical bodies. According to the field or atmosphere, so is the body. The body is simply a reflection, and an accurate one at that, of what is present in the field. Change the field and the body changes. In the language of Attunement, the content of the energetic fields surrounding the body has been named “pneumaplasm”(spirit-substance). In many traditions there are often different levels of energetic fields described that surround the body.  For the purposes of this book, the pneumaplasmic field that Attunement works with includes all of these surrounding levels of energy. Of note here: a superficial level of the entire pneumaplasmic field is capable of being disrupted or distorted by our misaligned personal actions and choices. The majority of this field remains intact and continually bathed in an ongoing flow from Source.

Attunement is focused on the dynamics of the field. Many healing practices in this culture focus almost solely on the physical body, with little or no regard for the state and function of the energetic field that surrounds and sustains it. Learning how to perceive, generate, and work with the field is a core element of the Attunement process. According to the state of the field so will the physical form be…

….Learning how to discern what generates and enhances our energetic fields and what dissipates them is one of the most important and ongoing practices of Attunement. Meditation on a regular basis can be very beneficial in cultivating deeper levels of awareness of these energetic realities. In addition, some kind of daily practice that brings us into a state of reflection and quietude will begin to create a place within that could be called sacred. In this place, those thoughts and emotions that tend to disrupt and compromise our pneumaplasm simply no longer fit and we become increasingly less inclined to participate in acting out certain energies. They no longer serve. This is not to say that we deliberately pretend they don’t exist. On the contrary, we can much more actively engage with and bring in virtually an emotional state or thought because there is somewhere for it to come. Bring in a deep feeling of anger, breathe it in, feel its power, ask it what it wants us to understand, and then breathe out gratitude, awareness, and peace.

….Learning to work with the subtle energy fields of the body is the main work of an Attunement Practitioner. This also explains why virtually all Attunement work is done with the hands off the body. By keeping your hands off of the body and directly in the energetic fields around the body, our perceptions of what is occurring in the body itself can become extremely refined. All physical illness is reflected in the energetic fields and vice versa. This is one of the reasons that just trying to heal the body physically is often not very effective. If we do not work with clearing the distortion in the energetic field it will simply reappear physically. On the other hand, clearing the distortion in the energetic field will allow the physical body to heal itself and often times quite dramatically. For example, I lived in a spiritual community for many years, which is where I learned Attunement. This community was the International headquarters of a network of people called The Emissaries and we would host gatherings from all over the world. The kitchen, therefore, was a very busy place putting out three meals a day for hundreds of people. Given the nature of work in this environment, occasionally someone would get seriously burned. Immediately an  Attunement Practitioner would be called. Over the twenty-one years of living in that community, I can hardly recall a time when these burns could not be healed. The impact of the burn would be pulled out of the person’s pneumaplasmic field before it had a chance to land and become embedded at the level of physical flesh. The pain of the burn would be re-experienced in waves until the area became calm and cool again. For those that have worked
with burn patterns, the experience for both the person burned and the Attunement Practitioner is highly tangible and physical. In fact for any injury where the trauma is recent and severe, the energetic disturbance in the field is very palpable and can usually be felt by almost anyone, trained or untrained.

The value of having years of experiences like the one mentioned above, is that I no longer have any questions about the reality of these fields. They are as tangible as anything at the physical level, and often more so. Once you begin to work at this level of perception, thinking about healing as a purely physical phenomenon becomes virtually impossible. And, the process of understanding and awakening to these other levels of awareness is a lifelong and ongoing process.

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One thought on “Excerpts from Chapter Three of “Attunement: A Way of Life”

  1. Your words are so beautiful and a timely reminder. We live in the energetic field consciously or unconsciously, the choice is ours. it is much more exciting to live consciously.

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