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Secret Service – Long-Distance Attunement

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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In chapter 5 of the book Attunement: The Creator’s Magic, there is a section on Long-Distance Attunement. My brother-in-law, Joseph Antell, helped me create it. This type of Attunement work is sacred, done mostly in silence, and usually in a quiet setting.

From the book, “Attunement: The Creator’s Magic: “Long-Distance Attunement takes place in the heart of the Creator. This sensitive work requires a deep stillness in all of the human capacities – body, mind, and spiritual expression, and feeling [heart] realm. To access and open the sacred portal that connects Spirit and the material realms, a focus of Love’s radiation must be maintained, a holy place where the cruel chaos of deadly crosscurrents do not abide. This unique spiritual work is secret service. Those who undertake this form of Attunement may never be acknowledged by a single human mind or heart. Yet, The Great One, The Creator of All, knows those who do this work, for their deeds of compassionate healing are written in heaven’s eternal song.

Here is the story Joseph told about Long-Distance Attunement.

President Joseph Antell

Joseph: When I first went to live at Sunrise Ranch and to work with my mentor, Roger deWinton, he had me doing Long-Distance Attunement with a woman named Betty Protzman, who had worked with Uranda. Betty was 86 at the time. Uranda had established a morning long-distance radiation time, teaming with Betty to work with a list of people. Later on after Uranda died, Roger and Betty handled this specific radiation, and then Roger turned this responsibility over to me.  Third generation – what an honor! Betty was like a medicine woman, highly sensitive to energetic currents and fields.  She would use bodily movements, her breath and/or words, anything in her makeup to powerfully and deeply work into people’s life-patterns. She also liked to use pictures of those with whom she worked, as it gave her an immediate contact point. Betty was a master at letting the penetrating currents of Love reach into the areas of need, to clear and resolve the life-pattern. She seldom mentioned the miracles that transpired under her healing hand, saying that it was something to be held in a quiet way between herself and the Creator. I continue to honor her ways, except I will tell one story.

On one occasion, we were working together with a young girl who had a brain tumor. The doctors had given the parents very little hope of success, but were going ahead with surgery as the only option. Betty and I worked with the girl in the morning prior to the operation, and agreed to come together again later in the day and work with her during the time of the surgery. The operation was successful in that the girl did not die; however a portion of the tumor was found to be inoperable. We continued working with the girl in the days following the surgery.  Two months later Betty received a letter of thanks from the mother; when the doctors had checked the young girl six weeks after her surgery, they discovered that the tumor was totally gone.  With the Creator – with Love’s radiation – anything is possible.” 

I am very thankful for the Kansas City Radiation Team that has worked in Long-Distance Attunement faithfully over the last 20 years. We have seen miracles happen and uplifting changes occur when Love’s Radiation is brought into a situation with an individual or a circumstance in the larger world scene.

Let love radiate and bless the world. So, let it be!

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7 thoughts on “Secret Service – Long-Distance Attunement

  1. Is long distance Attunement more effective if all practitioners share the Attunement at the same time? My personal schedule gets erratic at times. I share my long-distance Attunements between 5 & 10 am each day.

    Chris Answered: Thanks for the comment and question Dick. I have found that working together does provide a “boost” in the Attunement current. It is somewhat like the “hosts of heaven – the other practitioner’s” – are working with me in the Long-Distance Attunement. In Kansas City, the Radiation Team does the Long-distance work 8 to 8:30 am each day. Some members of the Team, because of work schedules, are not able to share Attunement then so they use others times in the day. Each Attunement is a blessing whenever it is shared! ~Chris

  2. It is such a joy to read, hear of the freedom and movement of THE SPIRIT OF LOVE AND TRUTH! I feel that I am a conductor or portal for healing to take place in whatever time or circumstance that the current of love can move and attune with the need in that moment,whatever that need might be! It is a joy to be available, no advertising but trusting the Lord to know my particular portal which is available in any circumstance! By the same token, the human me does not necessarily get to know a result, but that too is trusting that my vibrational offering is a light that shines, a warmth that comforts And enfolds! Wherever! Not trying is a relief! I too join others at certain times and that is “a when two or more are gathered together in my name” I AM in their midst! Sent With Love from Wendy Mason

  3. Deep thanks to you, Chris and Joseph. What an exquisite articulation from the Holy Place and profoundly reassuring.

  4. Beautiful words and atmosphere, Chris and Joseph. As one participating in long range attunement at this time, and previous sessions too, I just know such peace and thankfulness for your care and kindness. Such an amazing connection in so many ways. Bless you both and the KC TEAM!

  5. What wonderful Blessings are made evident through this Service and through these words. Thank you. db

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