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Attunement Practitioner’s Course Observations

by Hilary Budet, Belfast, ME
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Warning: Unconventional Interpreter…with good intention(s)

Attuned – “aware of and attentive or responsive to something” (Merriam-Webster)
Attunement – state of receptivity and/or awareness, be in harmony with (amalgamation of definitions)

We (14 of us) sat around the circle unconsciously reflecting one another, pondering how we had come to this place. Each adding their unique incandescence to the currents in the room as their turn came up. Each constructing a bridge over the gentle undercurrents of expectation, newness, confusion, receptivity.

Gather a group of disparate individuals, mixed gender, unique perspectives, and add water. A gentle maelstrom becomes the effect. So alluring as it draws one’s gaze almost without volition. Then add a guide, Nancy Frederick, who graciously adds spaciousness and blessing to the mix and the resulting swirling mass of undercurrents intertwining and inductive current becomes potent, mesmerizing.

What is this Attunement thing? How does it work? What’s this process? Nancy led us into the world of Attunement, delicately weaving concept and context into a comfy lexicon of familiarity and connection almost before we knew what was happening. It felt natural. Introducing us to Lloyd Meeker (Uranda) and the Attunement Community while lightly sprinkling the leavening of the vesica pisces and the 7 Levels of Being into the flow of her presentation. Soft cushions to spring from and to land on. Homey.

Some of us were soaking in the feel of rhythmic ebb and flow in the eddies around us, others were exploring the mutuality of sharing another’s sacred space. As we were moving through this opening and preparing our senses to receive with Open(ing), the Heavens (protocol) became an easy, organic gateway into giving and receiving.

The energy felt wonky to me, a pounding beat of in and out
turning inside out just before it re-upped, loop-de-looped.
One side was which way, the other steady, and I couldn’t feel the beat
though I knew it was there
and wanted it to stay, needed to stay
till the toss between began
from one side – lilting its sing thru the other, like glass    magenta
coming, a little bit more      there.

Like music, you know, when the melody rolls into a tuneful and almost but not quite same resonance. We all sensed each other as we moved through the 7 spirits – Love, Womb, Life, Purification. Yours truly letting nervousness arise at calling for the first time interfere. Still it was beautiful. The room was deeply quiet with the concentration of being there, of feeling the vibration as it beat, almost as loud as sound.

Then not. The words were getting mixed up but the feel was clear: here next, stay there, connection. Continuing: Blessing, Single Eye, New Earth. The shape coming into view as the Attunement fills it in. I am truly looking forward to being guided by the connections in company as we progress.

The Long-Bone (protocol) calls like a fog horn in pea soup fog. The nature of the oscillation of the bones maybe. It felt like we were all answering it together in harmony. Pulling in unison. Across, cross-wise, transversal, cater-corner.

About Hilary Budet: I am a quick, slow learner and joyful receiver of the just started and continuing 5 Month Attunement Practitioner Course being guided and taught by Nancy Frederick in Portland Maine.

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5 thoughts on “Attunement Practitioner’s Course Observations

  1. Hilary – I can feel the presence of love, curiosity, joy and excitement in your words. I felt guided not only into your mind/heart, but through the collective group. Thank you for bringing me into your world. You have a gift with words……I especially like the “pea soup- long bone” connection. Keep on, dear friend.

  2. Beautifully conveyed Hilary! You capture the flow of the Attunement current in your unique and precise way. You also honor diversity and the Great Flow that joins it all together into a wonderful mosaic of Union. We as a Community are in this place of Union where respect, openness, and dignity prevail. I am thankful for your presence there.

  3. How delightful and refreshing – like music – your experiences, observations and expression of these things. db

  4. Dear Hilary, How eloquent your words! You have described Attunement in such a beautiful way! When I first came to Attunement, I felt the energy as a pendulum, swinging back and forth until there was a steady thrum of energy there. Over the years that has changed. Now instead of feeling the pendulum, I feel that I am connecting into the thrum that is already there, and as I sit and hold that, it becomes stronger, humming, ever louder, allowing me to then control how much energy I want, or need, to feel. Thank you for such a unique perspective!

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