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Gifts of Attunement

by Janan Stiles
Strafford, NH
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Last weekend Gary and I facilitated an Introduction to Attunement Workshop here at the marina on a peaceful island off the coast of Georgia where we have been docked for the past 5 months during ‘hurricane season.’ During that short time we have met a wide range of people from all walks of life, cultures, languages, races, beliefs, political views, etc. It’s been a joy to extend Attunement in daily living, enjoy the diversity, and understand more of the consciousness in this part of the world which was quite foreign to us.
There was a small group of folks who became intensely interested in Attunement and we enjoyed the workshop day together on our gently rocking sailboat. There’s something about the feeling of Attunement while floating on water that seems to allow access to deeply restful cosmic rhythms.

At the end of our day I read aloud to the group one of my favorite excerpts from The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book Four, The Teachings of the Elect, the original Hebrew and Aramaic texts as translated and edited by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely which I so appreciate for their exquisite poetry and imagery:

“ ‘ How shall we do this Master?’ some asked in amazement. ‘What secrets must we know to see and hear and touch this Holy Stream of Life?’

And Jesus did not answer. But he placed his two hands around the growing blades of grass in the pot, gently, as if it were the forehead of a little child. And he closed his eyes, and around him were waves of light, shimmering in the sun, as the summer heat makes the light to tremble under a cloudless sky. And the Brothers knelt and bowed their heads in reverence before the power of the angels which poured forth from the sitting figure of Jesus; and still he sat in silence, with his hands closed as if in prayer around the blades of grass.

And no one knew if an hour had passed, or a year, for time stood still and it was as if all creation held its breath. And Jesus opened his eyes, and the scent of blossoms filled the air as Jesus spoke: ‘Here is the secret, Sons of Light; here in the humble grass. Here is the meeting place of the Earthly Mother and the Heavenly Father; here is the Stream of Life which gave birth to all creation; I tell you truly, only to the Son of Man is it given to see and hear and touch the Stream of Life which flows between Earthly and Heavenly Kingdoms. Place your hands around the tender grass of the angel of Earth, and you will see and hear and touch the power of all the angels…’ “

May we all see and hear and sense the fragrance of these angelic essences as we share Attunement with each other… in all the myriad ways we are privileged to do so within the Holy Stream of Life. And may we never forget the powers that are gifted to us in this divine Service we know as Attunement.

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