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Attunement with the Truth of Love

by Chris Jorgensen
Gladstone, MO
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I loved the recent transcript excerpt on Cosmic Identity that was posted. We used this particular quote in the first weekend of the Advanced Attunement Class in Kansas City. It speaks so clearly to the current awakening process that is underway in people across the planet. The challenge, of course, is being able to resonate and hear the “wake up” alarm that is sounding so loudly these days.

“Maturity is characterized by the assumption of spiritual responsibility…The primary spiritual responsibility centers in the bringing of heaven into the experience on earth, the experience of human minds and hearts, our own…Heaven on earth is experienced in the consciousness of human beings. This is the reason for the existence of human beings.” from “The Angelic Perspective”, July 10, 1983, by Martin Exeter

The Truth of Love includes Design and Control. In other words there is an already existing design and a means of coordination in place. Why is it so hard to feel and understand that each person is a part of a living, intelligent cosmic whole? The one whole – coordinated, interconnected, and intimately designed and functioning. Perhaps the difficulty is because the world vibration of today is based in pure feeling energy – no form, no concepts or ideas, no beliefs – and only with spiritual expression is there any discernment of how to begin accepting spiritual responsibility. That said, Attunement and the attunement process are indispensable gifts by which an individual may discern and participate in the awakening process – awakening to one’s true identity, I Am.

Down through history there have been various individuals who experienced an awakening to true identity in themselves. Moses is one example. He was one of the great biblical prophets and he led the children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt to the promise land. There is some evidence that the number of individuals involved were approximating 1.5 million. That is a lot of people, a big group! Having awakened to the reality of his own divine Presence and subsequent experience of a new level of consciousness, he was able to provide a quality of leadership that was reflective of the spirit of the divine design and its elements of control and coordination.

Next is a “target” diagram of how Moses managed the process. (Thanks to James Ragan for helping with the images.) There were four specific areas in the arrangement of people. The Encampment, the Outer Court, the Holy Place, and the Holy of Holies. Each area had its unique way of handling the vibrations and energies of the collective body of people. Clarity of understanding comes via Attunement with I Am.

The Encampment was an arrangement of the 12 tribes of Israel. This is the physical setting where one first experiences human relationships – family, tribe and culture. It is interesting to note that there are 12 organic minerals in the human body.

The Outer Court was the physical setting for business – the selling and trading of goods, exchanges of money and services – which allowed the Encampment to run efficiently. It was also the place where the outer mind could be educated and therefore creatively used in daily living.

The Holy Place was the vibrational setting where the “priesthood” functioned – the vibrational space where values, morals, and quality of character was emphasized, supported and revealed. The hallmark of function in this setting was discernment – spiritual, energetic discernment.

And finally the Holy of Holies, where only the “high priest” could enter and function. This was the vibrational place where connection is made with what is energetically higher, larger and finer. This was the doorway of feeling by which wisdom and understanding as to how “I Am” or how “the Children of Israel” could participate in the Cosmic Whole in an integrative and creative fashion.

Color has been added to the diagram to emphasize the individual vibrations/frequencies – red, orange, yellow and green. The higher vibrations interpenetrate the lower vibrations – above down and inside out. Also listed are some Attunement techniques that correlate with the different vibrations. While there are many different techniques (26 in the “Attunement Protocols” book), each technique addresses specific vibrations more efficiently than others. Hence, physical – Long-Bone; mind – Open-the-Heaven; spiritual expression – Immune/Lymphatic; and feeling – Clear the Heart Field. Are there other techniques that can be used for each vibrational level? Of course!

The surface of this planet where humanity lives and operates is being restored to the Truth of Love – divine design and control/coordination. Attunement is a key that can open the door. The question is Attunement with what? As the vibration of the planet has moved over the millennia, the opportunity to connect with Being, I Am, has also moved along from the easiest and most obvious vibration or frequency, the physical, to something more subtle and refined today, which is the Heart – the level of pure feeling energy or vibration; something very specific and from a human standpoint the most difficult and challenging vibration to connect with and understand.

The Feeling (Heart) vibration is the energy of the Holy of Holies. The Heart was made for the Truth of Love. That said, what is the purpose of this vibration? There is only one answer – Attunement with Being. To what do I lend my heart? Contained in the other levels of the human makeup are feeling connections to everything that has been and is currently transpiring on the surface of this planet. The Heart was designed to “feel” and it does a great job! However, the deepest feeling, the controlling feeling, is only for the things of Being, I Am, otherwise there is no vibrational space for the Holy of Holies. [An Attunement friend, Tony Palombo, in his recent blog ( entitled, “Your Heart was Made for Love” works with a similar theme. The heart vibration is only for Being. The blog article is worth the read.]

As mentioned above, the technique associated with the heart is Clear the Heart Field which I have written about in previous blogs. It is vital that this Attunement only be shared by a “radiant” Practitioner and not simply by someone who is highly empathic – that will ultimately add vibrations to the heart of the individual with whom you are working. Clear the Heart Field is an Attunement via a “radiant” Practitioner.

“…love alone cannot do all that must be done….until the heart is pure you cannot see God; you cannot have an absolute assurance of the working of God’s power in your life. Therefore as you begin to come under subjection to the patterns of control, the design of truth, there will be a conflict, because the spirits of God moving into your heart will begin to cast out the spirits that have been there for a long time…I do not say that your whole body must be perfectly healed of any limitation before you can let the power of God find expression out through you, but the power of God cannot work through you to a greater degree than you have purity of heart…” from “A Clean Heart” and “Three Primary Aspects of Spirit” by Uranda.

The next diagram illustrates another way of looking at the human capacities. As you can see the feeling realm (heart) is the crucial factor in having the entire form in alignment with Being.

In this diagram you will note that the energies from the heart penetrate all the way through to the World vibration. Consequently, where the feeling energy goes is where the attention goes, resulting in what a person experiences in his or her living.

To what do I lend my heart substance? The moment of truth is here. Rightly, the feeling realm is solely for the use of Being, I Am – the one who created the capacity for feeling. And while many things may be felt and observed in this vibrationally rich world, through a feeling realm aligned with Being, the things of Being, the Radiation of Love may appear again in the world of human beings. This is Attunement! Attunement: the restoration of consciousness of the oneness of heaven and earth in human beings. Attunement: The Energy of Being. Attunement: Love Made Visible. Attunement: The Creator’s Magic.

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4 thoughts on “Attunement with the Truth of Love

  1. I received a thank you card yesterday from a women with whom I share weekly Long Distance Attunement. She writes: “Have a wonderful day, Andrew. A little token of love and thanksgiving. Your friend, ….” she enclosed a small gift of cash, but what particularly touched me was her closing, “Your Friend”. We have consistently shared Attunement together for over 25 years.

    Chris, you mention in this beautiful article: “the world vibration of today is based in pure feeling energy.” It is this pure feeling that moved my heart as I leaned into this phrase, “your friend”. To share such a bond of relationship with another human being that you can use the word “friend” is one of the great joys of living. Its impact of blessing and healing into this world in which we currently live is, I believe, unimaginable.

    A massacre of over 50 people just occurred in Las Vegas NV. I offer this pure feeling of Love, known in my friendship with the one who sent the card, into the world for which I am steward. I know it will accomplish all that is needed in service to the Whole.

  2. That which you offer out, through sharing your experience, releases a palpable and profound wave of remembrance of what and who we are in each moment. It is a reminder to me of the importance of listening and leaning in to the various invitations that enter our awareness toward accessing the Love, Truth and Peace there… how in that remembering and through intention to offer out into the world all that is of this Love… a beautiful ripple of Attunement is released. Thank you for your words and sharing of your experience.

  3. Andrew, I read your response to Chris’s article Attunement with the truth of love and felt true unified radiation.
    Friendship is the wave length that bonds us together in the in spirit of love. It is precious.

  4. This is a marvellous Meditation, Chris. For several days, I have had a hard copy of it sitting on the altar surface of my desk in my Office, allowing these specific vibrations to permeate more fully the spheres of my outer Being, and gradually many vibrational threads have been woven into a seamless connection to the core of this fine transmission. It has been long emphasized that there must be at least a few human beings who understand these things at all levels of perception and expression natural to the purposes of this incarnation in this current Cycle. This is one vital aspect of the Truth of Being made manifest—that the Steering Mechanism awakens, comes alive, grows alert, becomes operational in the One Body. And of course there are many parts of the Whole that begin to come into simultaneous, functioning, coherent coordination as we move with the Creative Process unfolding. Your emphasis here on the heart realm is most pertinent—as is the instructional control point which establishes the truth that only the radiant practitioner can work to clear the heart field. A heart that is passionate for the spirit of the Most High allows Divine Being entry into the outer realms through spiritual expression in the outer court, the encampment, and the whole wide world of living things. Life up your heads O ye gates and be ye lift up ye everlasting doors and the King of Glory shall come in. Let it be so in all that I feel and think and do and say. Thank you Chris, for your leadership and your clarity in sharing these things consistently with all of us in this, the Age of Radiance. db

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