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Control Patterns in Attunement

by Chris Jorgensen
Gladstone, MO
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It is my perception that the world is becoming an increasingly intense place to live. Human life is filled with challenges in all aspects of living. Being in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing, with the right people has never been more important than it is today. The ancient Chinese curse—“may you live in interesting times” is indeed appropriate. In part this is caused by the breaking down of the many ego-based “control patterns” that have held human behavior in check over the millennia. The usefulness of the “laws (world, country, states, county, township, neighborhoods) of the land” is the control of human behavior based in feelings/emotions, which in large measure is because human beings do not have control over themselves. There is little self-discipline, self-respect, self-esteem, living to one’s highest truth and/or integrity, etc. And, one of the consequences of this fact is the rise of authoritarian governments. Big brother will tell us what to do!

What are control patterns? Uranda mentioned this as part of his definition of “truth”. Truth is design and control. We teach this in the Attunement classes. I purposefully wrote about Spiritual Control Patterns in chapter 8 of the “Attunement: Love Made Visible” book. Here is a quote:

“Control is absolutely necessary in allowing the fire of Love to transform (to change the appearance of) and transmute (to change from one nature into another). Control provides and helps to define the container, the lines of force, through which the power of Love may unfold. The establishment of a control pattern is essential to the Attunement process…
Disease (dis-ease) is experienced when people are outside divine control, or out of alignment with Spirit. Attunement is the active process by which a re-alignment can take place, and the key ingredient is human beings experiencing true control within themselves…
To be effective Attunement Practitioners—to release people and the world from the constricting cords of limitation, from stress and the deteriorating conditions in the environment, and from numerous diseases—we need to work with control patterns, particularly spiritual control patterns in ourselves and in our work with others.”

And from Uranda, “Truth, the Only Starting Point”, April 16, 1952

“Every distortion pattern, all suffering, sorrow and death, every ill thing that has ever manifested in any way whatsoever, has appeared because human beings were controlled by their feelings….
…When we are controlled by the truth, without respect to feeling, our capacities of feeling are used to the glory of God: they are not destroyed. We do not become coldhearted or hardhearted, but we are no longer controlled by what we feel in someone else.
…If you are controlled by your feelings when you give an attunement there will be a tendency to have either an attitude of repulsion from that individual or you will have a feeling of sympathetic attunement with his [or her] ill condition, and if you are sympathetically attuned to his ill condition you cannot correct the ill condition….When we let the truth control we will find that the feelings are cleared….
…As soon as you stop being concerned about the truth that you don’t know, so that you are concerned with the truth that you do know, you will have an opportunity to understand all the truth that you should know. But you cannot know at any one time all the truth. Your mind could not hold all of it. You will know the truth in outer manifestation when you should know it, but if you try to know it before it is ready to appear in the cycles of use, you will fail. You do not need to know it until it is ready to come into action….
…Only the truth can set you free.”

And so, understanding control patterns is paramount for true Attunement to be consciously shared. There have been times in a class when I encountered some resistance to the notion of “control” so I have used the word “coordinate”. Coordination as a verb: to bring the different elements of something (a complex activity or organization or in Attunement terms, a creative field) into a relationship that will ensure balance, efficiency or harmony. Attunement, to restore alignment and harmony with Being.

Uranda mentioned staying attuned to the truth when sharing an Attunement—not one’s feeling realm—in order to let clarity appear. When an Attunement Practitioner gives an Attunement, he or she is in the place of control or coordination. The person receiving in the Attunement experience (the other pole of the creative field) is responsible for other aspects like response, yielding, a willingness to hold and work with the vibrational details, etc. That said, the question for the giving Practitioner is, “what am I offering in coordination/control?” As Uranda mentioned, if it is something primarily out of the feeling realm, the sharing in the attunement process will be ineffective. If the offer of coordination (or control) is in Being, then Love’s Radiation is at work in a creative and unifying way. There is no middle ground. It is paramount for the Practitioner to be true to the truth he or she knows.

How may this practically apply? In my Attunement work with family, friends, and clients over the years I have encountered different situations where a person’s health (at all levels) was out of balance, out of harmony. To begin, I start with what I know to be true: Being (Spirit, Love) interpenetrates all forms. There is the One Whole where Balance and Harmony are. Love’s Presence will out anything! So, the challenge is to help build, with the other person in the Attunement field, a container where these things of truth can be present—a vibrational container. This is especially true in challenging situations such as cancer, depression, personality disorders. Sharing an Endocrine Attunement is a sure way to build that container and create a safe place where the current can begin to directly clarify and balance.

Control patterns in Attunement is a topic that warrants further exploration for any Attunement Practitioner. We will consciously work with this subject in the upcoming Attunement Weekend in Kansas City, August 26-27th .

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8 thoughts on “Control Patterns in Attunement

  1. I experienced the essence of an attunement just reading this article. Thank you for bringing this to mind again. The irony is that when there is control, there is also immense freedom.

  2. Thank you Chris for such a beautiful refresher course x such a reminder not to let the MIND wander and to really take the responsibility and joy of BEING in attunement long before one shares that attunement! The human temptation to rush to such a holy communion sabotages the opportunity and explains why when I have done this myself I absolutely acknowledge the coming together is just not strong in tone and I know it is Wendy TRYING to make all things new instead of BEING fully present and in HOLYCOMMUNION! Thank You Wendy (mason)

  3. I am looking forward to more work on control patterns. I know that I infuse the feeling realm into so much – I have been operating from that realm for ever. Attunement is calling me to step back, however. To take the Long View, so to speak. This is once again very timely and I so appreciated the comments above too. The human temptation to rush in and sabotage has not been more apparent than today. Thank you again Chris.

  4. This is a most exquisite and vital meditation, Chris – opening up a topic of consideration which points to something which absolutely must be known by at least a few men and women on earth right now. And the comments, which are most beautiful in Spirit, have elaborated somewhat on your initial opening – but we know there is yet much to be unveiled of the Original Pattern, the design and the control which may flow through the pneumaplasmic body of the Master Server, composed of many specific cells within the One Body. How timely your words! Your written piece brings me joy. db

  5. I appreciated your consideration on Control Patterns in Attunement, Chris as it is an enormous topic and, in my experience, one that is often misinterpreted.
    I think what Uranda was saying relative to the distortion patterns caused when “…human beings were[are] controlled by their feelings…” he was referring to reactionary knee-jerk, impulsive, unconscious, unmonitored and ungoverned thoughts, words, and deeds that originated from feelings. It seems that many have interpreted the solution to this as “well, just don’t have feelings at all!” or adopting the idea that all feelings are useless, unruly, illogical, or upsetting and should be ignored lest they control us or get out of control. But while ungoverned reactions to feelings are destructive on all levels likewise are the suppression, denial, judgement, interpretation, and condemnation of feelings/emotions. The problem is we ARE controlled by feelings if we are not aware of them, don’t respect their significance, and don’t know how to handle them from an Attunement perspective.

    My sense is that we need to be in position to “know” by experience the design and control of Truth that Uranda speaks of in all it’s magnificent subtlety but this cannot happen to any great extent without having developed some ‘spiritual muscles’ relative to the smallest incidents and perceptions from within and without in our daily living.

    A large part of this spiritual muscle is developing an exquisite sense of ‘where’ feelings/sensations/thoughts are coming from. To quote Anais Nin: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Our perceptions are inevitably filtered through ourselves. How clean are our filters? How keen is the sense of what’s mine and what’s coming from someone else or the environment? And, how disciplined is my ability to hold, ponder, process, appreciate (no matter what!), make choices, perceive the divine outworking, and discern the part I am assigned to play? As I do this rich internal work I become an increasingly steady and trustworthy container for the Truth to arrive through me. It also increases my sensitivity to ever-more refined or complex information that Life/God can trust me to handle within the Creative Process.

    Our incredible capacities are built to receive, process, purify, and act upon the vast immeasurably valuable information which comes to us through the heart/feeling realm as well as in the form of thoughts, inspiration, and bodily physical sensations . It’s what we DO with this wonderful information as Divine Beings that counts. Centered in Attunement we can include all that comes to our awareness. How exquisite is “the fire of Love” that transforms all….so that our capacities of feeling are used “to the glory of God” in expression through disciplined and clear human beings.

  6. How absolutely exquisite, Janan – most beautifully written and to the heart of the matter as it relates to feeling perception and expression. db

  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Chris’s wonderful words. I have had the privilege of knowing the magical wonders of Attunement, via Chris, Andrew Shier, and, Alan and Jean Hammond. Chris has rightly and beautifully emphasised that in the Attunement sharing process, the integrity of the ‘Giver’, his centering in truth, and his right handling of the control patterns to enable the lines of force to clarify and realign with Spirit, is paramount. May his tribe multiply…!

  8. So good to hear from you in this way too, Nidhi. I have had the privilege of attunement with chris and indeed paul price in assisting me after a knee replacement operation. All the people you mention are such a blessing in my life.

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