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Attunement Gathering in England

by Davina Misroch
London, UK
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The Attunement Gathering, TRUSTING THE INVISIBLE, brought many strands, people, countries, connections together in a small yet potent nucleus of Beings, present and together in a perfect constellation for that purpose. We were fortunate, indeed, to have Paul Price and Nancy Rathlou with us from Toronto, the first, we hope, of many visits from them and others.

The whole Attunement event was characterised by gentleness and handled masterfully by Paul.

Here are a couple of people pictures from the event. Juliane Mueller (left) from Germany and Kyle Reeves (right) from England. Also Mike and Beatrice Kennet from France.

What joy there is at the increasing visibility of the outworking of Love’s Radiation, which is always present.

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One thought on “Attunement Gathering in England

  1. Wonderful to see and feel the fruits of your radiation in getting that gathering together. Bless you and appreciation.

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