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The Birth of a Book

by Joyce Ellenbecker
Sun Lakes, AZ
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There is a rhythm in creating a book. It is even more apparent when one is created within the atmosphere of attunement.

Writing has never come easy for me, yet it seems like I am called to do it.  Meditations to Live By: Attuning to the Power of Love, is the third book I have written and published. Each has been a unique experience.

The Dream – Stillness
Judie Diamond and I had spoken about writing a book about attunement when we were in the Attunement Leadership Group a number of years ago, but nothing came together. We both started doing monthly attunement calls with a group of people.

The Connection
My calls were extemporaneous and recorded, later I had them transcribed as a learning experience for me. As the transcripts accumulated I came to the desire to have them compiled into a book. I put out a call to see who would be willing to edit them and Judie made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. The offer was, she would edit them, if she could include some of her meditations. The whole process evolved into an ongoing Attunement meditation. I flew up to her home in Parham, Ontario, Canada, with the meditations I wanted to work on. We spent a week together reviewing the various meditations and finding a natural order.

The Action
We then continued the process by skyping approximately an hour or two once a week going over each meditation. The spoken word does not always translate well into the written word. You have to be able to convey the same meaning and feeling without the voice inflection. It can be a challenge. Each meditation originally was a shared attunement and each of our sessions was a shared attunement.

We were finally ready to include an outside editor, one who could look at our work with new eyes and also make sure the grammar and formatting would be appropriate. Adrianna Palanca became our eyes into this new world. The three of us could look at the document all at the same time and make corrections. Technology is amazing. I am sitting in Arizona, Judie in Parham and Adrianna in Montreal, and yet we were all in the same place and moment in time.

Each part of the book was designed with care. The meditations follow the general pattern of attunement. We added a section about attunement for those who may not be familiar with the philosophy behind it. To add to the vibrational feel of the book, pictures were included at the beginning of each chapter. Poems were interspersed to enhance the experience of the reader.

The Earthing
The final step was to send the whole document to Laurence Layne in Florida to actually earth the document into a published book.

That was a whole new cycle, in that it was a point of completion on our part and participating in creating a new cycle with them in their part. The result is a beautiful book called Meditations to Live By: Attuning to the Power of Love.


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