May 222017
Attunement Practitioner's Course - Portland Maine

◄ by Hilary Budet – Belfast, ME ► For me, the Attunement Practitioner’s Course was an exploration into the many layers of peaceful and present holding. I have had few experiences of this kind of holding in my life so naturally I was very eager to discover more about it once I’d had a taste of it. Nancy Frederick was our teacher. Her discerning, patient, steady holding of the nature of Attunement created a loving space in which we could all safely work into holding and sharing energy fields with one another. For me the space or …continue reading »

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Podcast May 2017 – with Nancy Frederick

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May 082017
Podcast May 2017 - with Nancy Frederick

Welcome to The Unified Field – An Attunement Podcast. This month’s podcast is a conversation with Nancy Frederick. Nancy is a Homeopath – living, practicing and teaching homeopathy in Maine for over twenty five years. She has been integrating Attunement into her homeopathy practice since 2005, and recently began teaching an Attunement Practitioner course. IAAP’s Attunement podcasts feature conversations with Attunement Elders and Practitioners from around the world, bringing you their unique experience and perspectives.  We hope you enjoy these conversations, and that they deepen your experience of Attunement in your life, and in the larger world.

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May 042017
Sanctity in Living

◄ by Davina Misroch – London, UK ► It is said that “Truth is the only thing that can sanctify. Alignment with the Truth is that which makes holy, that which sanctifies in living.” Here are Principles of Being that I can accept, I can trust, even if I do not yet fully understand or know the fullness of them or their meaning. I realise that comprehending the Principles of Being takes one only so far; it is one thing to see them, to understand them intellectually, but how can they be known in experience? Here it …continue reading »

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