Apr 282017
Attunement Practitioners – Keepers of Balance and Harmony

  ◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► In the recent IAAP International teleconference call I spoke about stewardship. Attunement, in practice and in lifestyle, gives evidence of true stewardship. In the creation of the planet – according to a number of creation stories – Man, male and female, were created to steward the garden. Here is a description from the Bible: Genesis 1: 26: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea (water) and over the fowl …continue reading »

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Teleconference April 2017 – Sanctity in Living

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Apr 092017
Teleconference April 2017 - Sanctity in Living

with Chris Jorgensen, Davina Misroch and Tom Hansen Welcome to The IAAP International Teleconference. IAAP hosts a bi-monthly teleconference open to all who are interested.  Each teleconference has a specific topic and is hosted and focused by one or more Attunement Practitioners, and the recording features the presentation portion of the call.   The topic this month is “Sanctity in Living”, focused by Chris Jorgensen, Davina Misroch and Tom Hansen. The Teleconference schedule is posted on the IAAP calendar of events, and each post includes the call-in phone number and PIN.  Please feel free to join …continue reading »

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Podcast April 2017 – with Gina Kuwata

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Apr 062017
Podcast April 2017 - with Gina Kuwata

Welcome to The Unified Field – An Attunement Podcast. This month’s podcast is a conversation with Gina Kuwata. Gina has been studying and practicing Attunement for over 10 years. Gina is married and has three sons, and she lives in Lee’s Summit, MO near Kansas City. She is passionate about teaching stress management techniques which include Attunement. In her work currently, she teaches stress management and shares Attunement with medical students who are preparing for their Board level exams. IAAP’s Attunement podcasts feature conversations with Attunement Elders and Practitioners from around the world, bringing you their unique …continue reading »

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