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Gratefulness is an act of receptivity and flow.
It is unadulterated and cannot be otherwise portrayed.
It is the reaching forth, the unction towards, that which is like unto itself.
It is also the meeting of that likeness with openness and reception.
Pure spirit meeting pure spirit, flowing without encumbrance; health meeting health, love meeting love, remembrance meeting remembrance, holy meeting holy.
It is the woman reaching out to touch the hem, or was it virtue reaching out and touching virtue? The open heart, the receptivity, the gratefulness, the knowing.
It is the dance being danced, the song being sung, the word being written.
Gratefulness is active and receptive, it is whatever’s merited.

– Jan Dee
Inspired by my weekend workshop with Andrew Shier and Paul Price

Author: Jan Vanderwood
Email: jdvanderwood@gmail.com

 Posted by on February 11, 2017

  2 Responses to “Gratefullness”

  1. Beautiful, Jan. Thank you.

  2. This expression tends to capture the reality: “Never underestimate the power of Spiritual Expression.” Thank you. Leon

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