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Teleconference Feb 2017 – Rings of Relationship

with Andrew Shier and Peri Chickering Welcome to The IAAP International Teleconference. IAAP hosts a bi-monthly teleconference open to all who are interested.  Each teleconference has a specific topic and is hosted and focused by one or more Attunement Practitioners, and the recording features the presentation portion of the call.   The topic this month is “Rings of Relationship”, focused by Andrew Shier and Peri Chickering. The Teleconference schedule is posted on the IAAP calendar of events, and each post includes the call-in phone number and PIN.  Please feel free to join in as you are able – these discussions generate

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Barbara Lee Starr

◄ by Bruce Starr & Chris Jorgensen ► Barbara Lee Starr, from Surprise, AZ, wife to Bruce Starr for 63 years and mother to Terry Starr and Jacque (Starr) Peters, transitioned consciously and peacefully on Thursday, January 26, 2017. She was 82. Barbara was an Attunement Practitioner, Energy Healer and Life Coach. She was an active part of the Kansas City Long-Distance Attunement Team since 2014. Along with the KC Team members I, Chris, appreciated what she offered in such a stable and sacred way. Barbara was also a second Mother and Grandmother to many in her life. She knew her

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◄ by Jan Vanderwood – Hancock, New Hampshire ► Gratefulness is an act of receptivity and flow. It is unadulterated and cannot be otherwise portrayed. It is the reaching forth, the unction towards, that which is like unto itself. It is also the meeting of that likeness with openness and reception. Pure spirit meeting pure spirit, flowing without encumbrance; health meeting health, love meeting love, remembrance meeting remembrance, holy meeting holy. It is the woman reaching out to touch the hem, or was it virtue reaching out and touching virtue? The open heart, the receptivity, the gratefulness, the knowing. It

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Balance In Attunement

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► I recently found myself sharing Attunement with our next door neighbor. He is a fine, quiet, intelligent, 20 year-old young man who recently found himself with HPV (human papillomavirus – transmitted during birth) in his vocal chords which had turned into cancer. As neighbors, my wife and I have watched him and his sisters since birth grow up into delightful young people with hopes and dreams. The challenge for me was how to approach the situation. He was interested and willing to work with me through Attunement. First, I realized that I

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Podcast Jan 2017 – with Donna Jorgensen

Welcome to The Unified Field – An Attunement Podcast. This month’s podcast is a conversation with Donna Jorgensen. Donna was born and raised in the Boston area and shared her first Attunement at age 15. She lived in an intentional Spiritual community for many years and during that time was personal secretary to Roger deWinton, lending her skills to his Attunement ministry for a number of years. Donna has been married to Chris Jorgensen for over 40 years and together they have taught Attunement Classes, Intensives and Workshops in many locations around the country. IAAP’s Attunement podcasts feature conversations with Attunement

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