Jan 052017

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Sometimes a lot of information and knowledge in the mind produces noise and confusion. It also drains one’s energy. Something fresh awaits release in the Now. A path must be made available for it. It is actually there already but strewn with debris of all kinds; most of it old and out dated knowledge…even the insights had moments before! If allowed, they shove their agendas to the fore of consciousness.

When Attunement is shared, either with oneself or another, a Light enters. It reveals this pathway and the debris bordering both sides. More compelling, however, a Presence is felt. It has a tonal quality to it. It sounds a tone of Silence. Where did the noise of the clutter go? I’m not sure. What I do know is that I feel different and forever changed.

Author: Andrew Shier
Email: ashier@myfairpoint.net

 Posted by on January 5, 2017

  4 Responses to “An Attunement Experience”

  1. Thank you Andrew for the clarity. Georgina

  2. I agree, Andrew. My choice is to make space, not lists.

  3. the Presence is palpable, and there is Light on the path that you have opened through these words, and in this silent space. i feel different and forever changed. grateful. db

  4. Wow you nailed it for me especially the Presence felt that has tonal quality in Attunemet – these words provide inspiration for a place to abide in continually. Thank you Andrew.

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