Dec 262016
Healing For the Brain and Nervous System

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► Having an Attunement Practice gives me an opportunity to notice trends, patterns, and currents in healing. No doubt some of you notice trends and patterns in your own practices. Over the last six months I have seen a number of clients with serious brain and nervous system injuries and disorders, and mostly in men. The symptoms range from swelling of the brain to unusual nerve and motor behaviors, one male client, a dermatologist, was told he had ALS and only months to live – it turned out …continue reading »

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Dec 152016
Wind In The Trees

◄ by Andrew Shier – Hancock, NH ► The forest that surrounds our home is largely comprised of hard wood trees and some majestic white pines that rise above the canopy. The leaves are absent in this winter season. On my walk this morning the sound of the wind as it passed through these beings was an Attunement. The wind as it moves cleanses the atmosphere and the view becomes crystal clear. It registered in my heart as a great peace and that something indomitable is at work. Wind or air is a symbol of …continue reading »

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Podcast Dec 2016 – with Andrew Shier

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Dec 122016
Podcast Dec 2016 - with Andrew Shier

Welcome to The Unified Field – An Attunement Podcast. This month’s podcast is a conversation with Andrew Shier. Andrew is an Attunement Teacher and Registered Craniosacral Therapist. He has been sharing Attunements for over forty years and working with Craniosacral Therapy for twenty. He has traveled throughout North America and internationally teaching and speaking as well as sharing private sessions with people across many cultures and traditions. IAAP’s Attunement podcasts feature conversations with Attunement Elders and Practitioners from around the world, bringing you their unique experience and perspectives.  We hope you enjoy these conversations, and that …continue reading »

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Dec 072016
Peace Warriors

◄ by Jan Vanderwood – Hancock, New Hampshire ► There is a fabric of peace, that when tapped into, is seen to surround the world, both within and without. When upheaval occurs it is a natural expulsion of pent up energy. How can one project peace upon the earth? First off, find “freedom in” instead of fighting to find “freedom from” the situation, however abhorrent one might find it. The situation, right now, is as it is. Acceptance, gratefulness brings one down into the fabric which is called peace and out of the sensationalistic firestorms. …continue reading »

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Teleconference Dec 2016 – The Grandmother Spirit

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Dec 042016
Teleconference Dec 2016 - The Grandmother Spirit

with Joseph Antell and Vicki Barbour Welcome to The IAAP International Teleconference. IAAP hosts a bi-monthly teleconference open to all who are interested.  Each teleconference has a specific topic and is hosted and focused by one or more Attunement Practitioners, and the recording features the presentation portion of the call.   The topic this month is “The Grandmother Spirit”, focused by Joseph Antell and Vicki Barbour. The Teleconference schedule is posted on the IAAP calendar of events, and each post includes the call-in phone number and PIN.  Please feel free to join in as you are …continue reading »

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