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My Attunement Interview

◄ by John Patrick Flood – Oman ► I recently turned 65 and I am ready for, and sense that it is time for, a career change. So, as part of my preparations for whatever is next I did some research today on future social security benefits and counted how many years I have lived overseas as a US citizen…it came as no surprise that the total was 21 years. That is three seven year cycles (water, air, earth) and to me that indicates the next seven years may well be about moving with the pulsations of life as characterized

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Long Distance Attunement Partnership

◄ by Jan Vanderwood – Hancock, New Hampshire ► Lois and I have never been in the same room, never met or talked on the phone and yet, she and I are the most intimate of friends. We know each other on a level that sometimes even family and close friends are unaware of – that place of Being. We support each other without judgement and are there for each other regardless of distance and through all types of up and down experiences. We share a common interest that leads us down the rabbit hole of shared experience. This is

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