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Introducing Attunement to Nurses in Oman

◄ by John Patrick Flood – Oman ► I offered an introductory Attunement workshop on June 10th for the faculty at Oman Specialized Nursing Institute. They enjoyed it and found it slightly challenging at times (which I think was perfect as I used Uranda’s comment on exercise as one of my starting points). We had about three hours together including a tea break.   Laila Al Qassim [on extreme far right] was my contact person for this event. Those I worked with today are nursing faculty and heads of various departments in several health institutes. Several asked if I would

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Art and Literature Reflecting Spiritual Expression

◄ by Erin Rivers – Mission, KS ► When I hear the history of the world, from the perspective of Chris Jorgensen, it has always made such sense to me, much more sense than the Bible or even the theory of evolution. While I don’t quite understand why it makes more sense, I trust that in the fullness of time, it will. I read quite a bit. For the longest time I have been telling my Attunement friends how much Attunement is written about in literature. Maybe it isn’t written about directly, but so much of what I have read seems to

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The Perfect String

◄ by Jan Vanderwood – Hancock, NH ► This is a writing that came to me in response to recent experiences while at the Hancock Attunement Retreat with Andrew Shier and Paul Price, as well as my own sharing of Attunement.   The Perfect String It occurs to me, again, how words can get in the way of describing a process; how difficult it is, at times, for the mind to wrap its understanding around a concept. Such is the concept of balancing the cervicals. Could it be that, in the midst of the ever renewing healing relationship, what is coming into balance

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