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And the Stars Go With You

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► Donna and I recently attended a concert by the Kansas City Symphony. It is something we do from time to time. I am always impressed with the KC Symphony and their ability and willingness to play together–not in competition, but rather in oneness under the baton of the conductor. The program included Gustav Holst’s The Planets. It is inspiring music that can touch a person’s inner core and launch you into the heavens. This classical piece with its appropriately named movements brings into our awareness the vibration of Mars – the Bringer

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This Is Where I Live

◄ by Paul Price – Ontario, Canada ► Today, let’s start with a blank sheet as we explore this area of Attunement. After all, Attunement is all about flow, an ever-emerging process that cannot be fixed in place or time. Anytime we do that, fix a pattern in place, it becomes stuck and that is really what illness is; an energetic pattern that has become stuck. Then we name it, categorize it (usually bad) and further lock it into place. But Attunement is about bringing things into flow. That’s why we work with positive and negative hands in our technique, just like

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judgment, prejudice, discrimination, racism, sexism…. and Attunement

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► From time to time I work with the energy and patterns of world circumstances, knowing in myself that imbuing the situation with the radiation of Love will have its impact and influence. As written in the workbook Attunement: The Creator’s Magic, energy is revealed in patterns; patterns are a part of the Fifth Seal (thyroid)—the Spirit of Life radiation. Lately I have been sharing Attunement with the situation in Ferguson, MO., where the shooting of an unarmed black American teenager has shaken the country in a way I have not seen since

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