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Manifesting Spirit’s Intent

◄ by Erin Rivers – Mission, KS ►

As I have listened to the wise leaders in my Attunement Circle, one of the messages I have heard time and time again is to radiate without intention, allowing Spirit to Attune, “Let’s let it work the way it works, so that we may share in this beautiful creative process because we stand as radiant points of light. Blended together there is just one light.”  – from “Shared Radiation” by Martin Exeter, 2/15/87.

I teach in a high school. My working life is surrounded by such chaos, discomfort, dis-ease, and conversely, order, comfort, and joy, that sometimes making it through a day is truly an accomplishment. In a word, “teenagers”!  I have begun practicing sanctifying my classroom every day. Before I open my classroom door to the world, I radiate love. I radiate love to all who enter, and exit; I radiate love within my classroom, down the halls, and throughout the building; I radiate so that my presence might be a “beacon of enfolding radiance in every circumstance”. And then I trust that Spirit’s intention will be made manifest.

Perhaps it will not come as a surprise then, that I have begun to have students (and a few teachers) stop by to “just talk.” They have come to tell me about their hopes, their dreams, their obstacles and their vulnerabilities. The teacher next door calls me the Pope Francis of my high school. In each conversation, I hold them in attunement, ask for blessings to abound, and practice trusting Spirit.

The process of awakening, of becoming part of what is “blended together,” is all part of noting that “Even as a personal purpose cannot be realized except through fulfillment of the whole, so also are the purposes of the Great Spirit realized through my consistent expression of wholeness. I respect and exemplify the Great One’s design in all of my living.” – from The Attunement Practitioner’s Code.

My work as a person in the Attunement Community is simply to live in balance, in Attunement, in every aspect. Wholeness is whole – ness. I am listening more and more to the invitation to “come into the kingdom” as Martin Cecil said. With that is the understanding that the kingdom is within; and from that, I radiate Love. As I recall from the very beginning of my Attunement journey, the purpose of Attunement is Love. Let Love radiate.

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3 thoughts on “Manifesting Spirit’s Intent

  1. Wow, very beautifully written Erin. You can see the love coming from within you. What a wonderful example of living the life of Attunement!

  2. What an inspiration to us all of how attunement works in our everyday lives. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

  3. Thank you Erin for reminding me to radiate love in our surroundings and to those around us. As you stated it makes a difference.

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