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Attunement at Sea In the Midst of Stingrays and Wild Dolphins

◄ by Janan Stiles – Strafford, NH ► On the first day of our recent Attunement at Sea trip we anchored offshore a small island near Bimini, one of the Bahama islands, for an unexpected time communing with local stingrays. Kneeling in the shallow water along the beach the rays immediately found us. Of course, they were accustomed to the organic calamari we brought along to feed them, yet they seemed more interested in us than the food. The captain had provided instruction about the stingrays and their barbs, yet all the fear-mongering stories I’d ever heard came flooding to

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Love Is The Answer

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► The world is changing and I am on the transition team! Someone sent me the above facebook message a few days ago. For me Attunement is the perfect way to play my part on the transition team. I have observed that most people who take the Attunement classes do not have, nor will have, a public practice and yet they find many opportunities to share Attunement and let the radiation of Love have an influence in their lives. In this light Attunement can be seen also as a lifestyle. This face of

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