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Attunement and Nature

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► “Nature is a symbol of spirit.” Ralph Waldo Emerson I visit various websites during the week. One site I visit from time to time is created by the “Health Ranger”, Mike Adams. He has his own health newsletter. In a recent editorial Mike stated, “Clearly, something has shifted away from balance. At first, I thought these events were lining up just by coincidence, but now I’m convinced there’s a common cause behind it all. Something, in other words, is driving humanity into a state of madness…I’ve come to the conclusion that we,

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The Spirit of The New Earth

◄ by Joseph Antell, Loveland, CO ► In the basic knowledge and teaching of Attunement we have a great respect for the invisible forces that are at work and impact our lives from a cosmic perspective. Human beings have a specific responsibility to receive and work with these powerful currents and let them have a creative effect as they influence our day-to-day rhythms at the planetary level. Part of humanity’s journey is to care for planet Earth and its related life forms. The human body is perfectly designed to accommodate these universal vibratory factors allowing them to bless and revitalize

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