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The Spirit of Blessing

◄ by Joseph Antell, Loveland, CO ► In Attunement teaching the physical organ known as the pancreas embodies the Spirit and substance of Blessing. It is the offspring of life itself and carries the nobility of the two balancing aspects written in the laws of creation. The manifestation of what we know as God, which is the interweaving of positive and negative universal forces, is revealed through this vibratory level. The physical organ declares this truth. The pancreas is only about six inches long, weighs approximately three ounces and secretes around 32 ozs. of fluid a day. Within this hallowed

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Attunement: The Holy Place and the Heart

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► Each Attunement I share reinforces a deepening respect for the design and beauty of Being. As King David said in Psalms 139:14, “…for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. ” The two complementary energy systems in the human temple—the energy of Being directly through the endocrine system (7 glands) and the energy of creation through the chakra system (7 major chakras) with the intricate and delicate nervous system—work in union to implement the design of Being and to receive the response to that radiation. These systems meet at the pineal gland/crown chakra,

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