Share Attunement, Bless the World

Dolphin-Assisted Attunement

Imagine you are sharing Attunement for the next week in warm, clear, gently-rocking ocean water…the sun warming your skin, many hours of time to be deep within yourself, eyes closed, your ears underwater, the cares of the outer world disappear and you find the silent place of awakening. Floating in warm ocean water as a weightless spirit, free of the confines of the physical structure of our bodies in the density of gravity, allows for a distinct remembrance of the freedom within our divine nature. This freedom informs our physical structure of how its development can continue toward ascension. Communing

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The Spirit of the Womb

◄ by Joseph Antell, Loveland, CO ► As conveyed in the teachings of Attunement, the sixth range of Being called the Spirit of the Womb abides in the endocrine gland known as the pituitary. This “womb” is the place where the Spirit of Love is held safe and nurtured until it is time to begin its differentiation into all the other facets of creation. While destroying each other, for centuries the peoples of the world have been in search of the “cup” which embodies the presence, power and magnitude of Love. The “Holy Grail” has many shapes and forms, according

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The Blessing of Attunement Retreat

◄ by Bonnie Jo Radasch – Charlemont, MA ► The recent retreat in Hancock, NH provided by Paul Price and Andrew Shier offered a beautiful opportunity to immerse in Attunement for 3-days. We gathered in an extraordinary mountaintop setting in an equally amazing octagonal room with windows all around. Each person, with their own personal stories and geography, shared threads that wove into the tapestry of our time together. A particular consciousness was built from the first moments of entering the space. Paul and Andrew facilitated with open hearts, willing to be fully present in each moment unfolding, just as

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