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The Importance of Leading From the Heart

◄ by Jan Vanderwood – Hancock, NH ► I recently attended a 3 day Attunement Workshop with Andrew Shier and Paul Price. Early before the Saturday morning session, while in meditation, I received the following writing – some call it a poem. I shared it with the group at Sunday’s closing check out. The Importance of Leading From the Heart Do not forget what the real work is here. It is the work of your own spirit looking in upon itself. It is the quiet reflection. It is the meeting joy with joy. Take time always to refresh yourself in

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Xavier (David) Coleman

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► Xavier (David) Coleman of Coos Bay, Oregon transitioned early this morning. Xavier was a good friend (I married him and Athena many years ago), an Attunement Practitioner who played an active part in many of the Attunement activities on the West Coast, the Rockies and the Midwest, and a stalwart adventurer who loved and explored the boundaries of the Attunement spirit in his world. With his warm, easy-going, and communicative nature his bright Presence touched the hearts of many people throughout his life. Xavier will be dearly missed and the Attunement Community surrounds his wife, Athena, and his family in Love. Share

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“Open-the-Heaven” Head Attunement

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► In conjunction with the numerous Arctic Polar Vortexes that have moved through, over and around the Kansas City area, clients coming into the office have had lots of sinus, throat and lung health challenges. One Attunement that I have found quite helpful in clearing the head area is the “Open-The-Heaven” Attunement (Attunement Protocols, page 20). Several clients have mentioned they could feel their sinuses clearing and could once again breathe through their nose. My purpose for creating and using this specific technique was to place the Attunement radiation, the purifying current of

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