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In Memory of Nelson Mandela

◄ by Louise Broomberg – Johannesburg, South Africa ► By now the whole world is aware of the passing of Nelson Mandela. Here in South Africa we are immersed in a constant stream of images, stories, memories from every possible media station.  In the streets and at particular sites around the country people are gathering, paying tribute and celebrating his life. There are already around 2500 international and local media personnel in the country, and during this coming week 90-100 Heads of State will arrive, with their respective entourages, security details and the like. One can’t help but be deeply moved

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Advanced Attunement Class Kansas City, MO – Sept-Nov 2013

What a fun and diverse class – age range from the late 20’s to the mid 70’s, a hospice nurse, a chiropractor, an art critic and curator, a pre-school teacher, an instructor for medical doctors, a massage therapist, two with their own Healthcare and Attunement Practices, and two retirees! We deepened and broadened our understanding of Being, the principles of Being, the right use of the energy/radiation of Being, the wonders of Being’s endocrine system, world history, and the greatness of the design and coordination of Being (and our place in it). The class was filled with hands–on Attunement, presentation,

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A Word From The President and IAAP Board Changes

A spiritual mentor once told me that change is life’s middle name. Indeed! Over the years there have been many changes in the IAAP structure and once again changes are upon us. The IAAP Board has altered its makeup; Tom Hansen (Lenexa, KS) is now a Trustee and also the new Secretary/Treasurer. Joseph Antell, President for the last five plus years and Andrew Shier, Secretary for the last couple of years, have stepped away from being Board Trustees. I remain on the Board as a Trustee and the new President. This blog is my opportunity to give you a word

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