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Attunement as Family Health Care

◄ by Reven Bronson – Shawnee, KS ►

Since taking the Practitioner’s Course almost 6 years ago, I have had numerous opportunities to practice Attunement with my husband and two children now 9 and 5 years old.  It started out as technique I would practice when a physical symptom arose to work with but soon developed into much more.

Over the years I have used Attunement to work with viruses- respiratory and intestinal, ear infections, pink eye, kidney stones, injuries including rotator cuff and badly sprained wrist, mumps, having a hard time sleeping, emotional distress, etc.  In the beginning, I approached it more as an experiment.  It helped me feel more supportive of my family as I held their pattern.  I think it took the edge off of whatever they were working with and allowed for shorter healing periods.

As the years have gone by though, I have become more confident and more consistent.  Confident not only in my ability to be present, but confidence in the presence and healing power of Being.  The substance I have generated around my family from my daily Attunement practice allows me to sometimes catch an illness before it becomes physical, or if it does manifest, it takes on a milder form.  But what I have found to be the real gift, is the lack of fear my family has towards illness.  Now as we live more centered in Being, there is an underlying feeling that all is well, and when an illness appears, my family knows they will be nurtured, loved, and held in the current of Attunement.

There is trust, faith, and consciousness within the container of love that now holds my family through the daily service and commitment to the creative field of Being.

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One thought on “Attunement as Family Health Care

  1. Thank you. Beautifully said. What if all families could approach “illness” with Attunement! Love, Barbara

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