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To Wait

◄ by Andrew Shier – Hancock, NH ►

If you wait upon It, It will come. This phrase is obviously a twist on the popular comment from the movie, Field of Dreams; “If you build it, they will come.” Following my experience of teaching Attunement two weekends ago at the first session of a 5-month Attunement Practitioner’s Course, I am impressed with the process of waiting. I have been teaching these courses since 1996. I guess you could say that I know the material inside and out at this point. However, months prior to this current course I had a stirring that something new was pushing to be known. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. The following words by Uranda, were as close as I could get to the stirring. Relative to his thoughts on wisdom he said: “The Blessed One knows that Perfect Wisdom in action and in speech is granted at the instant when the action and speech are required in manifestation. Knowing this, he knows the essence of perfect trust, and trusting thus, has nothing to fear and nothing to worry about.”

What it prompted in practical terms was a process of waiting; a waiting to hear the Voice as distinguished from the many voices that come immediately to the surface when any kind of space is present. I was resolute that I would wait, come what might. If nothing came, I would keep waiting. If fears appeared – appearing the fool, not being approved of, or simply going down in flames – I would wait.

As I began the class, something happened. Yes, in many cases the words were similar to those I had used in previous classes, but the Radiation that imbued them was new. I noted, as did others in the class, a rhythm and cadence to the weekend that was at ease, not hurried or rushed. Insights and information had time to land, be assimilated and enjoyed. It seemed to flow from the other side of the veil; a veil that has heretofore served to inhibit certain aspects of Source from coming through. I am feeling that there is much in the Heavens the other side of the veil that is ready to be revealed. The importance of waiting seems to be something of a initial key to allow it safe and ego-less passage. Such waiting invites a quality of silence, the home and gestation place of the Word.

Attunement provides a wonderful and substantial means of passage and pathway for the Word, particularly our unique expression of the Word, which lives in the heavens above, to find meaningful and joyful manifestation in our daily lives.

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6 thoughts on “To Wait

  1. Think of what tremendous love waiting is. There is a sign in my office that reads “The purest form of love is attention.” Your giving patient attention to that stirring, before it took form is the greatest love…it’s what the Creator of all things must have done before the first thing took form.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful words of wisdom on waiting. In my experience, right now, I am challenged to wait, to listen, to do less so that the Voice may be heard. And to trust.

  3. I was gifted and internally amused by your recent notes on waiting. As I have been away, and at least somewhat in retreat mode, I am in “life” surrounded by situations that can cause me to react… I have been watching the range of behaviors – reacting to waiting – and observing my internal weather at each one.

    When reacting I am observing how empty the reaction can ultimately feel. When waiting, I am observing the squirminess of waiting and all the questions, etc. that can arise, while noticing there is an aliveness that comes on line, and thus there is a lack of emptiness… and certainly something that invites.

    In one situation in particular, while I want all the answers (my way) right now, waiting allows the answers to come single file and tho’ are not necessarily “my way”, the answers contain wisdoms that bear thought and consideration.

    As I am amidst this internal back and forth, recognizing the waiting is more productive than jumping in with both boots on, at the first sign of an opening – your posting appears. And I smiled thinking, “The Gods are at it again!” I appreciate the perfection of perfect timing and your taking time to share your experience. Amidst my own dance with this energetic, there is a kind of support, comfort and relief that comes from knowing others are having a similar experience… like we are each the individual molecules that make up the substance of All That Is/Oneness as we are feeling the shiftings within the experiences of the Whole.

    Thank you for your posting…

  4. Thank you for your post, Andrew. You so eloquently expressed something I experienced during a group meditation the previous week. It was, “Do not promote your own personality, but wait for the timing of the Spirit. By doing so, a way will open and you will not need to fear, for the power of the Spirit will be there, then, and will use your personality as an expression of Itself”.
    Although, having not been in your most previous class, it has been a learning experience just watching you wait in others.

  5. Andrew – Your comments strike at the core of what I have been in conversation with God about. Waiting. I don’t like it. I am uncomfortable with it. I am impatient for The Way to be revealed, on my schedule, on my terms, and in the way in which I envisioned. But, over and over again I am hearing the call to wait. To wait upon the Blessed One – and I repost your quote – The Blessed One knows that Perfect Wisdom in action and in speech is granted at the instant when the action and speech are required in manifestation. Knowing this, he knows the essence of perfect trust, and trusting thus, has nothing to fear and nothing to worry about.” Thank you for your thought. They are timely and I imagine, for me at least, coming in manifestation of Blessed timing.

  6. Dear Andrew,

    Thank you for waiting. Thank you for listening. Thank you for holding steady,
    and letting the pressure build.
    These are words to say to ourselves, and the impatient ones we meet,
    so that beauty may be born in its season.

    Love from Wendy and I from Skaneateles, NY,
    Bill Crosman

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