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Death and Dying Through the Eyes of Substance – Karen

◄ by Karen Knox – North Kansas City, MO ► Opening words from “Death and Dying Through the Eyes of Substance” IAAP International Teleconference Call on September 29, 2013. In 1998 I was living in an ashram in New York State when I received word that my mother died unexpectedly in a car accident. Although I would not describe my relationship with my mother as a close one, I was aware of the intense energy surrounding the event of her death. Returning to the ashram after her funeral, the enormous energy continued to build until I felt like nothing was

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Death and Dying Through the Eyes of Substance – Reven

◄ by Reven Bronson – Shawnee, KS ► Opening words from the “Death and Dying Through the Eyes of Substance” IAAP International Teleconference call on September 29, 2013. My first experience with Attunement and the dying process was a few years ago when I decided to work long distance with my husband’s grandmother as she began her transition. I would sit with her life pattern everyday for a couple of weeks. Then one evening, I began to feel contractions as her Being was preparing for the transition. They became stronger and stronger, each one like a big wave of energy.

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To Wait

◄ by Andrew Shier – Hancock, NH ► If you wait upon It, It will come. This phrase is obviously a twist on the popular comment from the movie, Field of Dreams; “If you build it, they will come.” Following my experience of teaching Attunement two weekends ago at the first session of a 5-month Attunement Practitioner’s Course, I am impressed with the process of waiting. I have been teaching these courses since 1996. I guess you could say that I know the material inside and out at this point. However, months prior to this current course I had a

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Chris Kenyon’s Passing

◄ by Teri Frailey – Shawnee, KS ► My friend, Chris Kenyon, passed away at 1:55 a.m., Sunday, September 30th. Chris was a Board Member of IAAP in its early years, and an Attunement practitioner with too many interests, skills and degrees to list. I’ll miss our conversations, weekly shared Attunements and all that fills a friendship; yet I know that, for Chris, All Is Well. Share this post: emailFacebookTwitter