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The Rhythm of a Monday or simply finding Peace

◄ by Peri Chickering – Hancock, NH ► Peri Chickering, along with a large group of women throughout the world, practices a Day of Silence on the last Sunday of every month. This month, it will be on June 30th. A week prior to that day Peri or Barbara Cecil, another participant, email their thoughts and experiences with silence to the group. Although the word Attunement is not used, you will undoubtedly recognize the tangible current of Attunement inherent in what Peri has written. I awoke this morning with a deep sense of restlessness. For awhile I tried to simply

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An Everyday Attunement Story – Allowing Abundance In

◄ by Erin Rivers – Mission, KS ► Attunement is a lifestyle, not just another modality. I remember Uranda saying something to that effect while watching a video presentation at one of the Attunement Seminars. I have tried to live that idea – I have tried to attune my world, sometimes with more success than other times, but always with the idea that “home” is within the flow. With that being said, I thought I would share an experience of staying within the flow and how it allowed abundance to manifest for me. This last year has been a year

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2013 –The Year of Purification

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► I do so appreciate the various comments to my recent blog article. Claire Houston asked about 2013 and  my reference to this as being the year of Purification. We did an IAAP International Teleconference call in March using this theme. Below is what we wrote for that call. Starting with the winter solstice of 2010 a major transition in the vibration of the solar system began – including planet Earth – and culminated on the winter solstice of 2012. We are now living in a new, higher vibration. The consequences of this

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Intuition – Are We Ready for It?

◄ by Andrew Shier – Hancock, NH ► When I was a boy of 6-8 years old, my capacity for intuition was quite active and pure. I was aware of a vivid connection with God, particularly as I took walks in the nearby forest and spoke out loud to Him.  He always answered back to the many questions occupying my heart upon entering the forest.  I soon discovered that this was not typical among my parents and close friends, and was even considered a little “weird.”  Not wishing to be seen in the eyes of my parents as abnormal, I

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Working with Feeling Energy Patterns

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► As I have mentioned before, in the turning of the wheel of life which is spiral like, I see 2013 as a year of purification. There is an ebb and flow to this clearing and cleansing process. Every part of us is being re-addressed to more appropriately accommodate the higher, finer radiation of Love and Love’s Design. In recent weeks I have noticed a growing, fiery intensity in the feeling realm of many people – clients, friends, family and myself. Yes, the feeling realm is in the great furnace of Love –

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