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Thoughts from the Attunement Practitioner’s Class

◄ by Benson Webster – New Hampshire ► For the past five months I have been a student in the Attunement class of Andrew Shier. During this time we have become a community, sharing understanding,  compassion,  quiet joy – learning to share our essential beingness.  Andrew, assisted by two awesome women – Nancy Frederick and Liz Turner – has been teaching us not only the techniques, the protocols of Attunement, but by example, offering us the experience of being in Attunement – each in our own unique way – together in rich vibration. Andrew is a natural teacher, so intimate

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The Attunement Practitioner’s Code – Part 3

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► “EVEN AS the all-wise Great Spirit has been patient and generous with me in my processes of maturing in stature and nobility, so also am I patient and generous with others. I do not give undue weight to distortions I may perceive around me. EVEN AS the nature of the Great One is characterized by truth and life, so it is with me. I am both truthful and encouraging in my relationship to others.” Can you remember your first Attunement? Did you understand the ramifications of what was transpiring? I was pleasantly

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