Dec 052014
judgment, prejudice, discrimination, racism, sexism.... and Attunement

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► From time to time I work with the energy and patterns of world circumstances, knowing in myself that imbuing the situation with the radiation of Love will have its impact and influence. As written in the workbook Attunement: The Creator’s Magic, energy is revealed in patterns; patterns are a part of the Fifth Seal (thyroid)—the Spirit of Life radiation. Lately I have been sharing Attunement with the situation in Ferguson, MO., where the shooting of an unarmed black American teenager has shaken the country in a way …continue reading »

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Nov 292014
Essences of Waiting and Allowing in the Creative Process

◄ by Janan Stiles – Strafford, NH ► A note of thanksgiving and appreciation for all those who participated, in whatever way, in the recent IAAP teleconference on Sunday 11/23/14 around the theme of “Waiting and Allowing.” It was a very beautiful time together sharing by phone and the currents continue to echo in our lives. As part of the process I shared a poem I had written and was requested to share it in writing for further contemplation. So here it is in the spirit of blessing and joy. In this womb of darkness …continue reading »

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Nov 202014
Manifesting Spirit's Intent

◄ by Erin Rivers – Mission, KS ► As I have listened to the wise leaders in my Attunement Circle, one of the messages I have heard time and time again is to radiate without intention, allowing Spirit to Attune, “Let’s let it work the way it works, so that we may share in this beautiful creative process because we stand as radiant points of light. Blended together there is just one light.”  – from “Shared Radiation” by Martin Exeter, 2/15/87. I teach in a high school. My working life is surrounded by such chaos, discomfort, dis-ease, and …continue reading »

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Nov 162014
The Simple Things

◄ by Andrew Shier – Hancock, NH ► My friend, Rich, who is currently participating in the Advanced Attunement class, recently spoke about his experience of raking leaves over a series of days. In contrast to it being arduous and obligatory, it was effortless, and time did not seem to exist. He was in a Flow, and the energy moving through the body was almost inexhaustible. It took on the character of meditation in motion. I too know this experience as I move about my day whether it be with our horses, with our land, …continue reading »

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Nov 082014
The Brain Game

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► Anyone who has a healing practice will notice client trends. You will observe a cycle of clients with particular symptoms which change over the months. Currently I am seeing clients who are working with brain injuries. Mild traumatic brain injuries can happen in cars accidents, sports, workplace accidents, falls, and in some instances through physical assault, including domestic violence. It is estimated that over a million people in this country sustain traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year, and that many will have long-term or lifelong need for …continue reading »

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Oct 312014
Attunement at Sea In the Midst of Stingrays and Wild Dolphins

◄ by Janan Stiles – Strafford, NH ► On the first day of our recent Attunement at Sea trip we anchored offshore a small island near Bimini, one of the Bahama islands, for an unexpected time communing with local stingrays. Kneeling in the shallow water along the beach the rays immediately found us. Of course, they were accustomed to the organic calamari we brought along to feed them, yet they seemed more interested in us than the food. The captain had provided instruction about the stingrays and their barbs, yet all the fear-mongering stories I’d …continue reading »

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Oct 262014
Love Is The Answer

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► The world is changing and I am on the transition team! Someone sent me the above facebook message a few days ago. For me Attunement is the perfect way to play my part on the transition team. I have observed that most people who take the Attunement classes do not have, nor will have, a public practice and yet they find many opportunities to share Attunement and let the radiation of Love have an influence in their lives. In this light Attunement can be seen also as …continue reading »

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Sep 262014
Attunement and Nature

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► “Nature is a symbol of spirit.” Ralph Waldo Emerson I visit various websites during the week. One site I visit from time to time is created by the “Health Ranger”, Mike Adams. He has his own health newsletter. In a recent editorial Mike stated, “Clearly, something has shifted away from balance. At first, I thought these events were lining up just by coincidence, but now I’m convinced there’s a common cause behind it all. Something, in other words, is driving humanity into a state of madness…I’ve come …continue reading »

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Sep 152014
The Spirit of The New Earth

◄ by Joseph Antell, Loveland, CO ► In the basic knowledge and teaching of Attunement we have a great respect for the invisible forces that are at work and impact our lives from a cosmic perspective. Human beings have a specific responsibility to receive and work with these powerful currents and let them have a creative effect as they influence our day-to-day rhythms at the planetary level. Part of humanity’s journey is to care for planet Earth and its related life forms. The human body is perfectly designed to accommodate these universal vibratory factors allowing …continue reading »

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Aug 242014
Attunement With Medical Students

◄ by Gina Kuwata, Lee’s Summit, MO ► In January of 2014 I was asked to teach a stress management class to medical students from all around the world who are preparing for their Step 1, 2, or 3 Board Exams. I developed a five week Stress Management Transformation class curriculum which takes medical students through a series of exercises used to promote overall well-being, stress management, self-awareness and self-care. My mind-body approach includes guided breathing, imagery meditation, weekly Mindful Living Tips and energy work. I provide self care tools that can be used in their medical …continue reading »

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