Feb 062016
Ages and Stages...Anxiety and Stress

• by Chris Jorgensen & Claire Houston • Like the Cosmic Whole, constantly in motion, we each experience movement through the ages and stages of life in human form. Leaving the sixties for the seventies brings a shift into yet another phase of life experience. And, it is easy to observe a similar process with the clients I see, some who have been sharing Attunement for 25 years. While there are various vibrational and physical patterns that appear during the yearly cycle, like colds in the early fall, sore muscles and joints in the summer, …continue reading »

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Jan 312016
The Eternal Presence

◄ by Alan Hammond – Masonville, Colorado ► This planet’s life I am, Speaking through this little form into the realm of humankind. Ho, little people who read these words, Know ye not the One with whom ye speak? I am He larger than any man, Larger than all parts and capacities of everything upon this world, For I am the One whose body this earth is, This planet’s life I am. Before man was, I am. In every moment, every place, Through the days and settlements of man, I was. Present was I in …continue reading »

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Jan 192016
Moving in Attunement

◄ by Reven Bronson – Shawnee, Kansas ► Movement is creation itself. It is the expression of the divine moving through us. How do you move through your life? Do your movements come from the Source within you, or are you moving to find Source? As I sit in my meditation chair in the mornings I do a little chanting and then some quiet Attunement. I take a good while to truly feel my eternal Being, basking in the glory of the current, and then I stand. I’m ready for my day. How do I …continue reading »

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Jan 102016
We As Witness Bearers

◄ by Jan Vanderwood – Hancock, New Hampshire ► In November, 2015, during the time of Andrew Shire’s 5 month attunement class in Hancock, NH, I woke up one morning around 3am and wrote the following: ~We as Witness Bearers~ A person comes to the point in time that is ideal for them; Their choice, their mission, their moment of agreed illumination. We as practitioners agree with their perfection. We hold the sacred moment ~ we bear witness. In the bearing of the witness is the cracking of the sound from un-manifest to manifest; Holiness …continue reading »

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Jan 072016
Greetings Attunement Friends

◄ by Jeff Goldstein – Jerusalem, Israel ► I am delighted to be reading the posts over the past several months by Attunement Practitioners. I find it exciting and uplifting to touch the spiritual substance of the Attunement Community. So, I thought that I would share with you a little part of my Attunement adventure. I learned Attunement in the early 1970’s and have consistently been learning and practicing it. Since the early 1990’s, I have lived in Jerusalem Israel, where I practice and teach this sacred art. Over recent years I have been traveling …continue reading »

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Jan 032016
The Attunement Practitioner's Code

◄ by Uranda & Roger deWinton ► EVEN AS I was made in the image and likeness of the Great One, so also was every person whose life I may touch. I respect the divinity inherent in all living forms. EVEN AS the dignity of life is precious to me, so also is it to others. I will not physically, emotionally, or in any other way abuse those who place their trust in me. I am open to hear both favorable and unfavorable comments about the quality of my service. EVEN AS the all-wise Great Spirit has …continue reading »

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Dec 122015
Parliament of the World's Religions

◄ by Jean Berman – Peaks Island, ME ► I had the privilege of attending and presenting at the recent Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake CIty, Utah in October. Having been involved in somewhat similar gatherings in the 1980’s and ’90’s, I felt a significant difference in the grounded, practical and diverse ways the participants expressed both their experience of oneness and the activities and programs they are part of. You who are reading this are part of the significant upswell of the forces of integration on this planet – thank you! What follows …continue reading »

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Dec 032015
Animal Attunement

◄ by Gretchen Abendschein – Saxtons River, VT ► I’ve been taking an Attunement practitioners course in Hancock, NH, with Andrew Shier since the beginning of September. Each weekend we put names of those we want to bring into our field on an altar in the center of our circle. During a class at the end of October I had put the name of one of my cats, Mr. Spatterdash, on the altar in our Attunement circle. He was scheduled to have surgery on the following Monday morning to remove an infected nipple, which had …continue reading »

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Nov 162015
Attunement in Living Today

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► The events that have tragically unfolded in Paris over the last weekend have again challenged most people’s sense of safety, comfort, and decency. Listening to the media’s numerous reports of terrorists shooting people – mostly young people out-on-the town for a night of entertainment and camaraderie – can give one a sense that all is lost in a world gone mad. It is a fact that the situation in Paris is just another of many events that have transpired over recent months. So, what is really unfolding …continue reading »

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Oct 062015
A Surreal Attunement Session

◄ by Nadi Nina Kaonga – Boston, MA ► I lost my mother several years ago to cancer. It was a devastating loss to my family, but I have always believed that my mother’s spirit was close by. I recalled in the early 2000s, when her own mother died, that she wished she could be visited by her mother’s spirit. I have reflected on that specific conversation many times since her passing. Fast-forward to June 5, 2015. I am in Kansas City for a MD review course and was receiving an Attunement as part of …continue reading »

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