Apr 242016
My Attunement Interview

◄ by John Patrick Flood – Oman ► I recently turned 65 and I am ready for, and sense that it is time for, a career change. So, as part of my preparations for whatever is next I did some research today on future social security benefits and counted how many years I have lived overseas as a US citizen…it came as no surprise that the total was 21 years. That is three seven year cycles (water, air, earth) and to me that indicates the next seven years may well be about moving with the …continue reading »

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Apr 172016
Long Distance Attunement Partnership

◄ by Jan Vanderwood – Hancock, New Hampshire ► Lois and I have never been in the same room, never met or talked on the phone and yet, she and I are the most intimate of friends. We know each other on a level that sometimes even family and close friends are unaware of – that place of Being. We support each other without judgement and are there for each other regardless of distance and through all types of up and down experiences. We share a common interest that leads us down the rabbit hole …continue reading »

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Mar 272016
Love's Creative Field

• by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO • Sharing Attunement opens up a sacred and intimate experience of working in the radiation of Love. Love and the Creative Field was the title of a recent IAAP teleconference call. Love has been defined in many different ways through songs, movies, etc. In fact there is a song, created for a movie that won an Academy Award in 1955, entitled “Love Is a Many Splendored Thing”. That said, what is love really? The seventh step in Uranda’s Seven Steps to the Temple of Light is Love. Here is …continue reading »

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Mar 122016
The Spirit of Durango - My Attunement Home in Colorado

• by Leia T. Meryt – Durango, CO • Nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains at the Southwest tip of colorful Colorado, is the city of Durango. Strategically placed in a glaciated valley, Durango “holds” the wisdom of the Ancient Ones. The Animas, known as the “River of Souls”, meanders within the heart of city, keeping a steady rhythm and pulse that creates the ambiance and spirit that moves in this sacred setting. The Four Corners of Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico come together here. The Anasazi lived here over 800 years ago. There …continue reading »

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Mar 042016
The Path of Letting Go

• by Erin Rivers – Mission, KS • I am working with the idea of Spiritual growth and Attunement. I have noticed that the more I focus on particular issues in my life, the more I seem to need to work on those issues. It is easy, if you have been practicing Attunement, to feel as though through Attunement, everything will work out and it does, but not always the way in which one envisions. I tend to struggle with the idea of allowing the creative process to work in its own way, thinking that …continue reading »

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Feb 132016
Eye Lessons

• by Kate Isaacs – Concord, MA • I was born with complicated eyes. A condition called coloboma affected my eyes at birth. I have excellent vision, but I’ve also had some issues to manage over the years. For a long time I resented this condition. The word “coloboma” comes from the Greek meaning “defect.” I didn’t want to accept the defective label, but I worried that somehow I was not quite whole. It took many years, but I’ve come to peace with the eyes I have. More than that, I now appreciate them for …continue reading »

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Feb 062016
Ages and Stages...Anxiety and Stress

• by Chris Jorgensen & Claire Houston • Like the Cosmic Whole, constantly in motion, we each experience movement through the ages and stages of life in human form. Leaving the sixties for the seventies brings a shift into yet another phase of life experience. And, it is easy to observe a similar process with the clients I see, some who have been sharing Attunement for 25 years. While there are various vibrational and physical patterns that appear during the yearly cycle, like colds in the early fall, sore muscles and joints in the summer, …continue reading »

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Jan 312016
The Eternal Presence

◄ by Alan Hammond – Masonville, Colorado ► This planet’s life I am, Speaking through this little form into the realm of humankind. Ho, little people who read these words, Know ye not the One with whom ye speak? I am He larger than any man, Larger than all parts and capacities of everything upon this world, For I am the One whose body this earth is, This planet’s life I am. Before man was, I am. In every moment, every place, Through the days and settlements of man, I was. Present was I in …continue reading »

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Jan 192016
Moving in Attunement

◄ by Reven Bronson – Shawnee, Kansas ► Movement is creation itself. It is the expression of the divine moving through us. How do you move through your life? Do your movements come from the Source within you, or are you moving to find Source? As I sit in my meditation chair in the mornings I do a little chanting and then some quiet Attunement. I take a good while to truly feel my eternal Being, basking in the glory of the current, and then I stand. I’m ready for my day. How do I …continue reading »

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Jan 102016
We As Witness Bearers

◄ by Jan Vanderwood – Hancock, New Hampshire ► In November, 2015, during the time of Andrew Shire’s 5 month attunement class in Hancock, NH, I woke up one morning around 3am and wrote the following: ~We as Witness Bearers~ A person comes to the point in time that is ideal for them; Their choice, their mission, their moment of agreed illumination. We as practitioners agree with their perfection. We hold the sacred moment ~ we bear witness. In the bearing of the witness is the cracking of the sound from un-manifest to manifest; Holiness …continue reading »

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