Oct 062015
A Surreal Attunement Session

◄ by Nadi Nina Kaonga – Boston, MA ► I lost my mother several years ago to cancer. It was a devastating loss to my family, but I have always believed that my mother’s spirit was close by. I recalled in the early 2000s, when her own mother died, that she wished she could be visited by her mother’s spirit. I have reflected on that specific conversation many times since her passing. Fast-forward to June 5, 2015. I am in Kansas City for a MD review course and was receiving an Attunement as part of …continue reading »

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Sep 242015
Consciousness in Attunement Perception

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► A few days ago a family physician from Maine shadowed me through a half day of client visits. He is in Kansas City on a one-year fellowship offered by the Integrative Internal Medicine program at the Kansas University Medical Center. During this year he will visit and shadow other complementary healing and health practitioners. This well-educated, highly sensitive young doctor was keenly interested in several aspects of what is offered to people, particularly how to read and perceive the energy and vibration of each person. In our …continue reading »

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Aug 312015
Oneness with the Ocean of Motion

◄ by PenDell Pittman, Fort Collins, CO ► “We live in an ocean of motion.” This famous little phrase describes the quiet, yet all-encompassing platform of our lives. The rhythm of our breathing, the hum of our nervous system, the wide range of verbal utterances that we voice or hear are but a few reminders, close at hand, of the infinite spectrum of vibration within us and surrounding us. Vibration with a purpose is “energy”, and specific ranges of energy are identified by us human beings, based on our own sensing of them. Our eyes …continue reading »

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Aug 202015
Thoughts on "Sound and Attunement"

◄ by Andrew Shier ► What an impressive hour of consideration and Attunement on the uses of sound and music in the Attunement process. Thank you Chris, Diana, Jenna, and PenDell. My experience of late on the use of sound focuses during that time at the completion of an Attunement session. It is here when I and the client have some moments to talk. The use of sound in the formation of words that are shared between us is most magical. It is indeed a moment of allowing Heaven and Earth to be made one. …continue reading »

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Aug 052015
Food and Health

◄ by Joseph Antell, Loveland, CO ► Chris Jorgensen and I had a conversation recently centered around his latest article, “Digestion and Attunement”.  As a part of our conversation I shared some nutritional information with him, and he asked me to turn that information into an article for the IAAP blog.  Here is the result – “Food and Health” – and I hope you find this information valuable. We live in a time where most food sources are corrupt and manipulated. Some people struggle to know what is the best nourishment for their bodies and question the …continue reading »

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Aug 022015
Digestion and Attunement

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► The mopey and sad 17 year-old young woman came into my office with her mother, complaining of headaches and digestive problems. Headaches were common upon waking; her stomach was bloated and food had lost its taste (even pizza and McNuggets). She was missing a lot of school and was trying to do makeup so she could pass her junior year of high school. She curled up in my waiting room chair with her cell phone and let her mother do the talking. This scenario is rather common …continue reading »

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Jul 072015
Update from the President

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► The 2014-2015 year for IAAP has come and gone. I wish to say a word of thankfulness for all that has unfolded in Attunement over the last year. The human world of activities and events continue to quicken and intensify. Knowing that people are sharing Attunement around the planet lifts my heart as this creative act brings the blessings and influence of Love into the world. The primary mission of IAAP is two-fold. First, to assist those in financial need who are interested in attending Attunement Classes …continue reading »

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Jun 282015
Introducing Attunement to Nurses in Oman

◄ by John Patrick Flood – Oman ► I offered an introductory Attunement workshop on June 10th for the faculty at Oman Specialized Nursing Institute. They enjoyed it and found it slightly challenging at times (which I think was perfect as I used Uranda’s comment on exercise as one of my starting points). We had about three hours together including a tea break.   Laila Al Qassim [on extreme far right] was my contact person for this event. Those I worked with today are nursing faculty and heads of various departments in several health institutes. …continue reading »

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Jun 212015
Art and Literature Reflecting Spiritual Expression

◄ by Erin Rivers – Mission, KS ► When I hear the history of the world, from the perspective of Chris Jorgensen, it has always made such sense to me, much more sense than the Bible or even the theory of evolution. While I don’t quite understand why it makes more sense, I trust that in the fullness of time, it will. I read quite a bit. For the longest time I have been telling my Attunement friends how much Attunement is written about in literature. Maybe it isn’t written about directly, but so much of what …continue reading »

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Jun 042015
The Perfect String

◄ by Jan Vanderwood – Hancock, NH ► This is a writing that came to me in response to recent experiences while at the Hancock Attunement Retreat with Andrew Shier and Paul Price, as well as my own sharing of Attunement.   The Perfect String It occurs to me, again, how words can get in the way of describing a process; how difficult it is, at times, for the mind to wrap its understanding around a concept. Such is the concept of balancing the cervicals. Could it be that, in the midst of the ever renewing healing relationship, …continue reading »

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