Jul 232014
Attunement: the Divine Mind and the Ego

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► Donna and I recently completed hosting the Kansas City Attunement Intensive, an event we created to specifically allow for collective Attunement function—twenty people in a circle setting, consciously thinking, feeling and sharing Attunement as one body. The nature of this particular event brought to my awareness how rare the opportunities are in the world today to participate in such creative fields. It is a creative field that is beyond the ideas of right and wrong—a setting where I can release my independent self and blend with others …continue reading »

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Jul 202014
Thoughts for Now: “Aches and Pains”

◄ by Andrew Shier – Hancock, NH ► In my perception, a wave of intensity came through about 3 weeks to a month ago. The effect that I noticed both in myself and in clients that came to my office, was aches and pains in the joints, particularly in the lower part of the body. As I shared Attunements with people I became aware of the importance/necessity of balancing the patterns in the hips and legs. These areas seem to act as “parking garages” for stresses of various kinds. Much of it is of an …continue reading »

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Jul 152014
Animal Ministry Aspects - At The Intersection

◄ by Claire Houston – Exeter, NH ► Living in a suburban environment, I often witness the intersection of the wild animal community and the developed human community. My introduction of the Attunement current into these situations happened originally when I started blessing those animals that were casualties of the intersection. For years I felt so sad and helpless when I saw an animal that had been killed by a vehicle. One day, about 20 years ago, I simply lifted my Giving Hand (leaving my other hand on the steering wheel), radiated love and appreciation, …continue reading »

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Jul 132014
Attunement at Sea: Dolphins, Water, and Consciousness

◄ by Gary & Janan Stiles – Strafford, NH ► We are just back from another blissful time sharing Attunement in warm ocean water in the presence of dolphins, and thought we would offer some of our observations of what it’s like to provide Attunement in this extraordinary environment. With our client floating before us we are waist/chest deep in the warm water (or in floatation devices in deeper water) and free to move, walk, run or float around them. We are all familiar with the feeling of extending current in the air medium but …continue reading »

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Jul 082014
Reflection on our Attunement Intensive - Holding a Space for Love and Light.

◄ by Erin Rivers – Mission, KS ► The Attunement Intensive of 2014 was exactly what one would expect. Three days of intensive attunement, dialogue, and reflection. What I brought away from our weekend in Kansas City was a sense of joyous resonance, thoughtful mindfulness, and a renewed idea of what it means to “be in the flow.” In the circle of some very wise people, I learned that the feeling realm should not be denied. Denying feelings such as abandonment, loneliness, worthlessness only feeds those feelings. With the bonds of Love, strengthened with Truth, …continue reading »

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Jul 072014
Attunement Intensive 2014

◄ by Karen Knox – Kansas City, MO ► Twenty people from Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and California assembled June 27th, 28th, and 29th in Kansas City for Attunement Intensive 2014 entitled Our Song of Love, coordinated by Chris and Donna Jorgensen.  The Attunement Intensive, designed for individuals who have completed an Attunement Practitioners Course, is comprised of sharing Attunement using various Attunement protocols, reviewing meaningful transcripts from Martin (Exeter) Cecil and Uranda, and conversations of Attunement spiritual principles in action in the world and personal lives.  On the first day everyone expressed their various motivations …continue reading »

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Jun 152014
The Spirit of Blessing

◄ by Joseph Antell, Loveland, CO ► In Attunement teaching the physical organ known as the pancreas embodies the Spirit and substance of Blessing. It is the offspring of life itself and carries the nobility of the two balancing aspects written in the laws of creation. The manifestation of what we know as God, which is the interweaving of positive and negative universal forces, is revealed through this vibratory level. The physical organ declares this truth. The pancreas is only about six inches long, weighs approximately three ounces and secretes around 32 ozs. of fluid …continue reading »

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Jun 032014
Attunement: The Holy Place and the Heart

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► Each Attunement I share reinforces a deepening respect for the design and beauty of Being. As King David said in Psalms 139:14, “…for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. ” The two complementary energy systems in the human temple—the energy of Being directly through the endocrine system (7 glands) and the energy of creation through the chakra system (7 major chakras) with the intricate and delicate nervous system—work in union to implement the design of Being and to receive the response to that radiation. These systems meet …continue reading »

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May 232014
Purification Radiation and Bacteria

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ► The universe is alive. Life—including bacteria—appears everywhere on planet Earth. In Attunement: The Creator’s Magic book, I wrote about the realization that the radiation of the Spirit of Purification is what is consciously behind (creates the lines of force) the creation of the small pattern-forms of Life. “The Spirit of Purification radiation creates the pattern-form behind the forms of the mineral kingdom, bacteria, viruses, and DNA material. It is from these small, less complex pattern-forms that greater, more complex, pattern-forms develop.” In essence the Purification radiation sets …continue reading »

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May 182014
The Spirit of Purification

◄ by Joseph Antell, Loveland, CO ► The thymus gland represents the Spirit of Purification and embodies the heart of Being. It is the fourth opening, or midway point, in the seven expressions of the outpouring of eternal Presence. This carries great significance because it is the mechanism through which the finer, more delicate substance of the three upper levels of Spirit (relating to the thyroid, pituitary and pineal) may gracefully cross over to the three lower levels of Spirit (relating to the islets of langerhans, adrenals and gonads) and have impact. The thymus, therefore, …continue reading »

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